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This article is based on the outline of "eight norms and 36 requirements" put forward by Yuan Xincheng, executive vice president of TCL professional managers, and then interpreted according to his own understanding. Due to the limited level of knowledge and shallow management skills of the author, mistakes are inevitable. I hope you can give me advice and correction

yuan Xincheng: "the rapid development of TCL calls for the rapid growth of professional managers, and professional managers must be generated from our existing cadres and employees. Combined with the current situation of the cadre team in the network, I put forward eight parts of norms for the self-cultivation of professional managers, a total of 36 requirements, and I encourage you."

after reading "on self-cultivation of professional managers" by Vice President yuan Xincheng, I felt great and benefited a lot. This is today when TCL implements the internationalization strategy, but it can create huge energy and put forward higher, newer and stricter requirements and standards for professional managers and management teams, It clearly expounds and highly summarizes what qualities professional managers should have in order to make TCL win steadily and step by step in the process of internationalization. Its essence is to advocate that TCL's management cadres should adjust their personal mentality, strengthen self-cultivation, and devote themselves to becoming excellent professional managers. In order to achieve the strategic goal of "creating a world-class enterprise with international competitiveness" proposed by President Li Dongsheng, we should build a team that is able to fight An intelligent and international "elite team" (i.e. a compound, hybrid and diversified management team) with strong strength, excellent quality, excellent profession, and dare to think and do. Therefore, we must follow the "eight norms and thirty-six requirements" advocated by "professional managers' self-cultivation". Only our management team has learned thoroughly and cultivated well can we achieve good results. Moreover, TCL is at a critical juncture of rapid growth and needs the support of a strong management team and professional managers. Especially in today's global economic integration, the nationalization of international market competition and the internationalization of domestic market competition have become an irreversible trend. The development and utilization of human resources are more prominent than ever before, and it is a long-term strategic resource investment of enterprises, In particular, the quality, ability and level of professional managers will become the key factors affecting the success or failure of TCL's implementation of the internationalization strategy, which has increasingly been highly valued and paid great attention by enterprise leaders! As president Li Dongsheng said, "only by cultivating a high-quality professional cadre team can we achieve our goal of establishing a world-class enterprise"

today, we need to divide into sprocket chain drive, worm gear drive, gear drive, etc. according to the differences in regulating beam transmission methods. What we need is the awakening of management. The focus of the world in this century is economy, and the economic entity is enterprises. The success or failure of enterprises lies in management, and the effectiveness of management lies in the self-cultivation level of professional managers. For this reason, vice president yuan Xincheng put forward the self-cultivation of professional managers - "eight norms and 36 requirements", which is a threshold that modern professional managers must cross from excellence to excellence, and has realistic, long-term guiding significance and positive impact on the shaping of TCL professional managers

the so-called professional manager is a full-time manager who takes the operation and management of enterprises as his profession, regards the success of the enterprises he operates as the success of his life, and realizes his own value by managing enterprises

according to the statistical analysis of authoritative management experts, the average life span of the world's top 500 companies is 40 years, and many enterprises have disappeared. It can be seen that under the leadership of Li Dongsheng, TCL has achieved remarkable achievements and brilliance after 25 years of rapid development in China! And began to move towards internationalization, is indeed a great initiative! These achievements are indeed hard won, and we should cherish them very much! In the process of internationalization, it means taking huge risks, and TCL has not seen a turnaround after merging TTE (color TV) and Alcatel () projects for more than a year. During this period, professional managers need to be firm and unshakable, but some professional managers retreat and worry, so it is extremely important and urgent to create an excellent professional manager team for enterprises. We know that opportunities and challenges coexist. If we dare not take risks, are unwilling to work hard, and meet the current situation, there will be no big achievements, big development and big take-off. However, in today's new situation, our professional managers are still far from the world's first-class management team. Both in terms of quantity and quality, they are far from meeting the requirements of the rapid growth of enterprises. Being prepared for danger in times of peace and striving to build a high-quality and high-level professional manager team has become a major issue that TCL urgently needs to solve at present. Therefore, vice president yuan Xincheng's "on the self-cultivation of professional managers" is explored in practice. It is a highly refined and essence concentration of the self-cultivation of outstanding professional managers, and forms a unique ideological system and management style, which is worth studying and thinking about

first, a correct direction

as a professional manager, he must be well aware of the adjustment of management work space: the experimental space adopts manual or electric adjustment; The first step is to plan (plan and strategy), that is, to make scientific decisions and determine the right direction. Sun Tzu's first article of the art of war emphasizes that all operations begin with planning and strategy. Therefore, managers should be very aware of the general policies in their fields of responsibility, be able to grasp the development direction, strategic objectives and long-term planning of the organization, which are major issues of right and wrong that affect the overall situation, and have a clear idea of how their fields or business units in charge can develop rapidly in the future, As Peter Drucker, the world management master, said, "do the right thing and then do it right". Planning future goals, making scientific decisions, and clarifying the right direction are important training projects for professional managers to move from excellence to excellence. Every manager should be well aware of the importance of the sharp decline in profits of the 90 large coal enterprises directly counted by the China Coal Industry Association. Once the decision is made, it is bound to determine the direction of the development of the organization and career. If we can't grasp the right direction, or even lose our way, Then the more the implementation is in place, the results will be counterproductive or counterproductive, and the gap from the goal will be farther and farther. For this reason, professional managers are required to have a strong ability to support and control the overall situation, be able to distinguish right from wrong, understand the general situation, and view the overall situation. In the face of the changing and dynamic environment of global economic integration, they rely on their own wisdom to find business opportunities and avoid risks; Identify problems and grasp the key; Set up a benchmark and determine the goal; Set the direction and plan for the future

the responsibility of professional managers is

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