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As a good equipment maintenance personnel, we should be good at investigating, summarizing, analyzing, judging, summarizing, dealing with problems should be eye-catching, hand-catching, ear to nose

to brain, bold, meticulous, many ideas, but also have a spirit of unremitting research, and we should apply the rich experience of maintenance and fault diagnosis accumulated over the years to our daily work. The following will introduce my experience of troubleshooting the rubber roll shaking fault with diagnostic methods. Feel (touch)

there are many faults that can't be seen at a glance. When I touch the machine at ordinary times, I will definitely touch those moving parts. Over time, I will feel the movement of these parts

the vibration of the inking system of the machine can be felt by hand. When the inking roller moves in series normally, it should feel a slight vibration at the two turning points, but the vibration position of the inking system of this machine is somewhat uncertain, and the hand vibration is obvious, which makes it possible to produce ink bars. Therefore, we must find out the source and eliminate hidden dangers. Even if there is no ink bar in the printing, we can't easily give up the search from the perspective of model. Observation (vision)

since the hand feeling tells us the existence of vibration, we must look for the source through vision (sometimes we need to use touch and vision together). At first glance, there may be no problem. All parts operate normally, and there is no obvious sign of vibration. The pressure between the rubber rollers is also normal (sometimes, due to the improper pressure between the rubber rollers, the increase of friction will also cause vibration)

through the cooperation of vision and touch, I have been able to determine that the inking roller vibrates when turning, but the source has not been found. We must observe the non benign heat preservation effect more carefully and think about it

thinking guidance observation

other problems have been eliminated during rough observation. The scope of careful observation should be set at the rubber roll shaking part, so carefully watch several rotating bearings at the rubber roll shaking part, observe their performance at fast and slow speed, steering and intermediate state, and their performance is stable and reliable. Finally, it was found that the bearing controlling the rubber roll shaking on the main series driving roll was abnormal, The pause of this bearing between rubber countries should appear at the turning point, but the pause of this bearing appears after the turning. After careful observation, this bearing is flat and worn. It can be determined that there is a certain corresponding relationship between the tolerance grade of inking roller and the surface roughness value. The vibration is caused by this worn bearing. In order to further determine the cause of wear, it is necessary to open the machine. After disassembly, it is found that the pin shaft of the fixed bearing is broken, but due to structural reasons, this bearing will not fall off. However, the pin shaft has been broken, and the operation of the bearing in it is abnormal. Over time, it will inevitably wear out, resulting in the shaking of the inking system

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