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A patent of Valin Xingma group won the gold medal of Anhui Province patent

a patent of Valin Xingma group won the gold medal of Anhui Province patent

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in the "decision of Anhui Provincial Intellectual Property Office on the awarding of the fourth Anhui Provincial Patent Award" announced a few days ago, The invention patent of Anhui Valin Automobile Co., Ltd. - "an engine cylinder structure and engine with the above cylinder mechanism" (Patent No.: zl.6) was awarded the "fourth Anhui Provincial Patent Gold Award". After the preliminary application, the preliminary selection and recommendation of Ma'anshan Intellectual Property Office, the review of the provincial expert group, the review of the Provincial Patent Award Review Committee, the publicity and other procedures, the patent finally stood out among many patents and became the only patent that won the Gold Award in the automotive industry in this selection. This is also the first time that the engine project of Valin Xingma group won the provincial A-share listing in Shanghai in May 2017, It has the patent of national enterprise technology center and National Laboratory Patent Gold Award

it is reported that the existing engine cylinder block is a solid structure, which has the disadvantages of bulky cylinder block and high cost, and the oil-gas balance problem is difficult to solve; The cylinder block of the invention adopts a gantry deep skirt structure, the skirt is hollow, and the hollow structure is integrated with the lubricating oil and gas balance channel. Compared with the traditional cylinder block, it has the characteristics of high stiffness and light weight, which can better meet the higher requirements of high explosion pressure on the cylinder block, ensure the reliability of the cylinder block in the whole life cycle of the engine, and lay the foundation for the overall performance of the whole engine. The products designed and produced by the company with this patent are analyzed by FEM simulation calculation, and the cylinder strength and fatigue safety factor fully meet the design requirements. Through the special fatigue test of 14Hz frequency, 489kn load, 4million alternating loads and the bench durability test of 36000 hours including load cycle, full speed and full load, overspeed and overload and other harsh test cycles, it is verified that the cylinder body has the characteristics of high stiffness and lightweight

the product based on the invention patent has achieved the expected design purpose through long-term and various rigorous test verification. The engine has withstood the test of various harsh service conditions. It is an engine with high cost performance, which has won the trust and love of the majority of users. Valin Xingma is not as good as the old hydraulic press group, relying on the invention patent as the core, constantly strengthening the development of relevant peripheral patents, forming a patent protection group for engine projects, comprehensively preventing and controlling intellectual property risks, and becoming a strong backing in the process of "Hanma" engine branding

it is understood that this provincial patent award selection is divided into Patent Gold Award and patent Excellence Award. The gold award is the highest award set for invention patents in Anhui Province, which aims to guide enterprises to actively and effectively carry out the creation, application, protection and management of intellectual property rights, vigorously promote the intellectual property and industrialization of innovative achievements, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and promote the implementation of patented technology. 3 yuan materials have high capacity and industrialization

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