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One of the 2001 exhibitions of Kodak poly optical printing group

due to excellent printing performance and controllable full digital prepress operation, the thermal CTP direct plate making system has been favored by the majority of commercial printing users for many years since its launch. However, due to the reasons of thermal technology itself and the special needs of newspaper users for prepress technology, newspaper users and customers have been unable to use thermal direct plate making technology. To meet the needs of newspaper users, we need to overcome two major obstacles: one is the high-speed CTP direct plate making equipment, and the other is the corresponding thermal plates for newspapers. At the end of 2000, the launch of newspaper thermal system successfully solved these two problems. In this year's China print '2001, Chinese newspaper users will be able to see the latest thermal CTP at booth 3418 of Kodak poly light printing group in the No. 3 International Pavilion

as a set of newspaper thermal system, it is composed of at least the following three parts: the core is the special thermal direct plate making machine for newspaper industry; Automatic plate punching machine; Thermal plates suitable for newspaper printing environment

the special thermal direct plate making machine for newspaper industry in the system has a variety of models to choose from, and the plate making speed and quality can fully meet the needs of newspaper industry. Taking the creoscitex Quansheng 2637 thermal direct plate making machine on display as an example, it is completely comparable to CTP of other technologies in speed. The diversity of models is convenient for users to customize according to their own production factors, which can fully meet the diversified needs of users

the full-automatic plate stamping machine adopts the new mercurynews plate stamping machine. As a high-performance plate washing equipment, mercurynews can be used for washing heat sensitive and ordinary plates. Compared with CTP plate making equipment of other technologies, mercurynews greatly reduces the consumption of liquid medicine. And equipped with bending and punching equipment for users to choose

the thermal plate is a special thermal version for newspapers from Kodak poly optical printing group. In 1995, Kodak successfully developed the thermal plate coating technology before the thermal CTP technology was recognized by the market. Due to the strong scientific research and production strength and commercial application experience accumulated for many years, Kodak poly optical printing group has established an undeniable load flow in the world market in the field of thermal technology and thermal printing plate production, and now it is able to build sophisticated products such as vehicle aluminum body frame and aluminum alloy stamping parts for customers, which can be expressed as! This is a half cycle sine wave leading position in the world, and many years of development practice aimed at the fine operation of newspaper printing staff, which is the key plate making feature of low iron aluminum production, has made the newly launched thermalnews newspaper plate at the end of 2000 more suitable for the newspaper printing environment

the excellent performance of thermal CTP system is of special significance to China's newspaper industry

* environmental protection: most of China's newspapers are concentrated in large and medium-sized cities, and environmental pollution is common in large cities in China, such as Beijing, which can improve the low-frequency small damping comprehensive resonance state caused by the coupling of mechanism resonance and hydraulic system. Prepress silver salt film and silver salt CTP plate are harmful to the environment because of the heavy metal silver. Kodak poly photo printing group developed dry Phototypesetting films and thermal solutions to minimize environmental pollution without silver salt. For China, which is moving from a well-off society to a well-off society, the reporting thermal system meets the development requirements of modern metropolitan urban pollution control and environmental legislation

* printing quality: the great advantage of thermal imaging principle is to accurately control the image through the thermal threshold, eliminate many uncertain factors of silver salt chemical reaction, and completely digitize the prepress process. At the same time, the point shape and printing quality of creoscitex thermal image will be better

* the high-performance thermal version shortens the printing time, and reduces the consumption of master paper and machine time

* the printing speed and quality are more guaranteed when fast inking

* less overall paper and ink consumption. Significant economic benefits

the rationality of the overall design of the newspaper thermal system and its unparalleled comprehensive advantages make it popular with the industry and newspaper users as soon as it is launched. In just a few months, dozens of sets have been installed worldwide, and the first two sets of newspaper thermal devices in Asia have been put into use in Singapore. It is believed that in the near future, more and more domestic newspaper users will also adopt the newspaper thermal system as a sharp weapon for future development after fully understanding the benefits of thermal sensing. Welcome to our booth of Beijing International Exhibition from May 23 to 28, and our senior experts will answer your questions on site

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