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LED lighting products exported to the EU should beware of the risk of electric shock

recently, the EU non food consumer goods safety early warning system RApex reported an unqualified event of domestic export lamp strings, believing that the accessible wires of the lamp strings only have basic insulation. If the insulation is damaged, the user may contact the live conductor and be shocked. Lighting equipment products, mainly light strings and LED lights, have been notified and returned abroad many times in recent years due to wire problems, which must be paid attention to

in recent years, China's export lighting products have developed rapidly. In 2017, the total export volume of lamps, lighting devices and parts products nationwide exceeded 30 billion US dollars. The export products include lamps, bulk lamp accessories, LED light sources, led drives, etc. among them, the EU region has become one of the key areas for the export of lighting products, but its display power cannot be neglected. With the annual growth of exports to the EU, lighting products have been frequently notified by the EU RApex. According to statistics from RApex officials, in 2017, 85 batches of lighting equipment exported from China to the EU were notified by RApex, ranking fourth only to toys, electrical appliances and clothing. The main reason for the notification is that the products have the risk of electric shock, accounting for about 74.12%. It does not meet the requirements of EU Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU) and European standard en60598-1:2008 to take sufficient protective measures to protect users from contacting live parts

the products reported are mainly concentrated on the light string and LED light source. The problems reported by the light string are mostly the small cross-sectional area of the flexible wire, insufficient insulation of the flexible wire, and the exposure of live parts after the flexible wire falls off due to unfixed wire, etc; Most of the problems reported by LED light sources are unqualified creepage distance and electrical gap between live parts and metal shell or insufficient insulation; Other problems reported also include that the small night light has a toy shape, the primary and secondary creepage distance of the transformer in the light is not enough, the Yulian energy group and financial institutions such as China Construction Bank and industrial and Commercial Bank of China are qualified as the community of destiny, the size of the plug and pin in the light does not meet the requirements, and the light designed for outdoor use has no dust-proof and waterproof protection, etc

the main reasons for the high number of lighting notification events are as follows: first, a few export enterprises rely too much on the production mode of customers' samples, while ignoring the conformity of products to standards; Second, some export enterprises pay too much attention to cost control, ignore product quality, and even cut corners, such as the cross-sectional area of the flexible wire in the lamp string is too small, and the insulation of the flexible wire is not enough; Third, enterprises lack the necessary awareness of risk prevention. In order to obtain orders, some enterprises blindly meet the unreasonable requirements of customers. Once such goods fail to pass the foreign official spot check, they will face recall or return. At that time, enterprises are bound to face huge losses

Ningbo is an important production and export base of lighting products in China. In 2017, only Ningbo exported lighting products with a value of $4.2 billion. In 2017, there were also incidents reported by the European Union that the cross-sectional area of the LED floodlight wire was insufficient, there was a risk of electric shock, and the LED light power cord was too thin for outdoor use. In order to maintain the development advantages of Ningbo's lamp industry and improve the quality competitiveness of export lighting products, the inspection and quarantine department suggests that the majority of export production enterprises: on the one hand, we should effectively improve the quality awareness and standard awareness. Actively pay attention to the standards of importing countries, especially for newly developed products, and pay attention to collecting corresponding standards and technical measures in the links of product design and development, production and inspection; On the other hand, we should strengthen the awareness of product quality, the mode of sample production should also be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the standard, and the cost control should also be strictly controlled within the scope of the standard. At the same time, when exporting products to different countries, enterprises should also pay attention to the flatness of the six aspects of the standard differences between countries. If their own technical ability is insufficient, they can entrust a third-party testing organization with high reputation to carry out testing and evaluation, or obtain the certification of relevant importing countries, so as to ensure the quality and safety of its high melt strength exported products and maintain the reputation of made in China

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