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The LED rental screen market has entered a "diversified" development period

since June 2016, the popularity of the LED rental screen market has begun to show signs. At that time, from the reaction of the market: orders in the outdoor and indoor fixed installation market generally declined, while orders from enterprises focusing on the rental market were soft and hot. At the same time, many people in the industry are very optimistic about the leasing market and believe that the leasing market is the general trend of the development of the industry

led display screen rental market, as a pillar Market different from fixed installation in the industry, has attracted a large number of display screen enterprises in recent years due to the low entry threshold, resulting in fierce market competition. Moreover, due to the implementation of energy-saving and thrifty policies in China in recent years, the cost budget of large-scale activities has been significantly reduced. Compared with the LED rental screen, domestic diaphragm enterprises still lack a stable supply source of diaphragm special materials that can really meet the demand. The demand for rental products on the performance stage has been greatly reduced, resulting in a downturn in the LED display rental screen market. However, at the beginning of this year, the rental market has obviously warmed up, and the "competition for the best" for the rental market has been staged again, and the rental products of various display companies have been constantly innovating. Under the guidance of small spacing, the development of rental screen is showing vitality, and the rental market is unprecedented prosperous

the development of China's LED display leasing market has experienced stages

the development of China's LED display leasing market can be traced back to the beginning of 2000, when a group of enterprises represented by lighthouse took the lead in entering the rental screen market. Then, under the influence of market demand and policies, the LED display leasing market, like the fixed installation market, has grown from small to large, and gradually developed into one of the most important segments of the LED display industry. From the rise of LED rental screen market to now, it can be roughly summarized into four stages: 2002-2006 is the initial stage, 2007-2010 is the period of rapid development of rental screen, the rental market was stable in 2011, and the rental industry has been in the most competitive stage since 2012

in the process of the development of the LED display industry, although the rental market and the fixed installation market are not mutually reinforcing, to a certain extent, due to the influence of technology, process, policy, market driving and other factors, the fixed installation and rental markets also affect each other to a certain extent. For example, in the case of intense competition in the fixed display market and the continuous decline of the profits of display screen enterprises, the relatively high profit rental market and its rapidly growing market demand will attract some enterprises specializing in the production of fixed display screens to actively participate in the rental market

at the beginning of the LED display leasing market in China, due to the constraints of technology and process, the development of the display is very slow, and there are not many enterprises involved. In general, the development of China's rental screen market has always followed the development of the entire LED industry. In the initial stage, from the perspective of technology, the LED rental screen weighs hundreds of kilograms per box and is ten centimeters thick. Such a bulky product is obviously not conducive to market promotion, which can be said to be a "hard injury" of rental products. With the progress of technology, LED display products have made great progress in installation, structure and material, and the hard injury of rental products has disappeared, thus laying a solid foundation for opening the market

with the rise of the LED rental market, led rental displays are widely used in large-scale theatrical performances (such as the Spring Festival Gala), major sports events (such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games), National Day military parade, large-scale exhibitions and other occasions. In recent years, with the development of China's economy, people's living standards have generally improved, various artistic performances are popular in China, and various TV entertainment programs are emerging in endlessly, which can greatly promote the prosperity and development of the LED display leasing market

with the continuous expansion of the rental market, more display screen enterprises have been attracted to join, and many large LED display screen manufacturers have participated in the competition in this market. For the market, price is always the most sensitive tool to touch consumers' nerves. As enterprises swarmed into the rental market, the price of rental screens fell sharply, and the competition in the rental industry became white hot

in 2012, the price war in the market can be described as a sensation after the rental screen was adjusted to the clockwise rotation of the pointer equal to the high indication. On June 27th, 2012, Zhouming held a grand press conference for rental customers in Shenzhen, and announced the price reduction measures for p6.9 rental screen on the same day. Two days later, on June 29, LianJian and Guangxiang also launched preferential policies for related products. The price reduction of the two listed companies triggered a chain reaction like a blockbuster. On July 4, four days later, ruituo also announced the price reduction information of rental products. The price reduction of several major enterprises can be said to have officially opened the prelude to the "price war" in the LED display leasing market. Since then, the LED display leasing market has entered the era of the most intense price competition

generally, the large-scale theatrical performance market is an important stage for rental screens to show their talents. However, in August 2013, five ministries and commissions, including the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, jointly issued a notice to stop extravagance and extravagance and promote frugality in holding parties in response to the excessive number and abuse of theatrical shows and various performances, the organizers' blind pursuit of big scenes, big dances, big productions, luxury and waste, and competition

in the national environment of advocating "Thrift" and building an "economical" society, the LED display leasing market has also undergone great changes, and the leasing market has gradually expanded from high-end occasions to middle and low-end. In other words, led rental display began to enter the civil market in an all-round way. With the expansion of the market, rental products also continue to innovate and develop with the demand of the market, showing a prosperous situation in which hundreds of schools of thought contend. The rental screen market has almost become the "battlefield" of China's LED display enterprises since then

current situation of China's LED display rental market

looking at the development track of China's LED display rental market, we will find that the rental screen market has developed rapidly, in addition to benefiting from the progress of technology, market demand, and the guiding role of policy on the market is also very obvious. At present, with the outbreak of "small gap", the market growth of China's LED display screen industry is stable. Under the general trend and environment of technological progress and overall improvement, the rental market is looking forward to the development of a larger and broader space. At the same time, as the industry enters the "diversified" development period, the display products are more abundant and diverse, and enterprises develop across multiple fields, which has brought a very profound impact on the LED rental screen market

P3-P5 rental screen has become the mainstream

the most significant change of LED rental screen is "point spacing". With the increasing demand for high-definition display, and thanks to the progress of LED display technology, manufacturing technology and material level, the point spacing of rental products is also shrinking with the times. In, P10 and p16 full-color outdoor displays were the mainstream products in the rental market, covering 70% of the market share of outdoor LED screens. Since 2013, due to the record low prices of P10 and P8 full-color LED displays, the sales volume has made a qualitative leap, especially P10 full-color LED displays occupy almost 80% of the market. In 2013, p4.8 rental products first appeared in the industry. Up to now, outdoor rental screens have developed to P3-P5, and more to P2. 0 is moving forward

today, when p0.8 small spacing display screens can be mass produced, it seems that the pace of rental products to move towards smaller spacing is the general trend, and it is also the necessity of the development of the rental market

diversification and humanization of products

in addition to the development of high-definition rental products, another significant feature is diversity and humanization. The so-called diversity is mainly reflected in the field of LED shaped screen and transparent screen. In recent years, many enterprises engaged in the production of special-shaped modules and transparent screens in the industry have an increasingly great impact on the rental market. Many manufacturers of special-shaped screens and transparent screens, such as mingxingguang and Yipin optoelectronics, have launched their own rental products, which greatly enriched the rental market and gave consumers more choices. Humanization is mainly reflected in the changes of rental products themselves. Compared with the rental products in the past, today's rental products have undergone earth shaking changes in their appearance design and practicality. The emergence of new materials such as carbon fiber, magnesium alloy and nano polymer has completely changed the leasing products and played an extremely important role in promoting the development of the leasing market

at present, a "qualified" rental product basically has the characteristics of "rapid installation and disassembly, rapid inspection, light and thin box"

the birth of small spacing rental products

in 2016, the outbreak of small spacing led to the development of the entire LED display industry, and its impact on the rental market began to show signs. As early as oneortwo years ago, the possibility of small space entering the rental market has aroused industry discussion. However, restricted by technology, process and market demand, the real small space rental products have not appeared in the market. However, with the demand for high-definition display screens in video conferences, boutique press conferences and other occasions, small space leasing began to enter people's vision

as mentioned above, rental products began to move towards P2. Now, enterprises in the industry have tried to develop p2.0 rental products, and have mass produced p2.6 HD rental products. As for the small space leasing market, industry insiders predict that the global small space leasing market may reach an output value of 10 billion in the future

it is "closely related" to the literary and artistic performance market.

although China's rental screen market is developing rapidly and the high, medium and low-end markets are blooming in an all-round way, the main customers of China's LED rental screen enterprises are still some large end users, such as rental companies, film and television companies, etc., and the development of the rental market is closely related to the literary and artistic performance market. Relevant data show that in April 2006, the China Performance Industry Association released the 2015 annual report on China's performance market, saying that the total economic scale of China's performance market last year was 46.300 billion yuan, a decrease of 9.0% compared with 2012. Last year, the box office size of China's commercial performance market reached 88. 2.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 5. 7%。 After the promulgation of the "entertainment restriction order" in China, the decline of the artistic performance market has led to a once shrinking LED screen rental market in China

the overseas rental market is in a good situation

in recent years, due to the fierce competition in the domestic market, more and more display screen enterprises are going overseas, and led rental screen is the "magic weapon" for Chinese display screen enterprises to explore the market. Different from the domestic market, customers in overseas markets, especially European and American lessors, are right

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