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Recently, Zhejiang Huajian lighting, a company listed on the new third board of LED, announced that the company plans to acquire 100% equity of Yiwu mushang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "mushang technology") held by Liu Jinghua for 1 yuan. After the completion of this acquisition, Huajian lighting has become a wholly-owned shareholder of mushang technology

as of November 30, 2016, mushang technology has not realized revenue, and the registered capital is 1million yuan, but it has not been paid in. Therefore, both parties negotiated and determined that the transaction price is 1 yuan

relevant data show that Huajian lighting successfully landed on the new third board at the end of September this year, and its operating revenues in 2014, 2015 and 2016 were 41.7201 million yuan, 56.278 million yuan and 9.2339 million yuan respectively; The net profit was 1.2892 million yuan, 4.5917 million yuan, -62100 yuan

the main business of Huajian lighting is the manufacturing of decorative lamps. The products are mainly led candle lamps, LED decorative lamps and other decorative lamps

Huajian lighting said that this acquisition is a decision made from the perspective of the company's future business development, which is conducive to improving the company's market competitiveness, expanding the company's business scope and improving the company's profitability. 3. Testing of torque and torsion angle

in addition to the attention of the industry caused by the acquisition of RMB 1, the registered place of the acquired company in Yiwu is also intriguing

more than 10 billion investment has been finalized in one year, and dozens of led projects are under discussion. Yiwu's strong rise in the LED industry entering the new normal development cycle has attracted high attention from insiders

Yiwu, known as the "World supermarket", has the world's largest small commodity market. However, the halo wearing Yiwu market is often dominated by low-grade, low-tech and low brand added value products, and has always been at the low end of the industrial chain

at the same time, the high dependence on foreign trade also makes Yiwu controlled by others. Once the international market changes, it is difficult for Yiwu to be alone. In this context, the advanced manufacturing industry has been paid more and more attention by the local government

among many emerging industries, why does Yiwu like the LED industry

Wu Houjun, deputy director of the Management Committee of Yiwu Industrial Park, said that at present, the State advocates targeted poverty alleviation. The investment attraction of Yiwu Industrial Park also conforms to the needs of the situation and advocates long-term planning, scientific investment attraction and targeted investment attraction. Before introducing Huacan optoelectronics, Ruifeng optoelectronics and MuLinSen, Yiwu combined its own market characteristics, found out its resource advantages and industry development prospects, and finally included the LED industry into the key investment objects of the park

Yiwu Industrial Park has been planning to build a light source technology town since 2015. The positioning of the town is to focus on the development of semiconductor optoelectronic industry, supplemented by industries such as smart home and IOT equipment R & D and manufacturing, and take into account the functions of leisure tourism. Efforts will be made to build the town into a demonstration area for R & D and manufacturing of light source technology in Zhejiang Province

at the same time, the light source technology town is also striving for the support of top-level design. In the "13th five year plan for the development of semiconductor lighting energy saving industry", which was formed by the semiconductor lighting industry alliance led by the national development and Reform Commission, the light source town has been reflected in the national industrial plan, and which parts of Le electronic universal testing machine are seriously damaged? D lighting industry is currently the only characteristic industrial town in China

various signs show that Huacan optoelectronics, Ruifeng optoelectronics and mulinson Luozi Yiwu are just the beginning of the local LED industry

Huacan optoelectronics released the announcement on signing the project investment framework agreement with the Management Committee of Zhejiang Yiwu Industrial Park. It will invest in the LED extension, chip and industrial chain extension projects in Yiwu Industrial Park, with a total investment of about 6billion yuan. At the same time, the two sides agreed to jointly set up a LED industry M & A fund for Huacan optoelectronics'm & A and integration of the LED industry chain

Huacan optoelectronics plans to issue 237410071 shares at a price of 6.95 yuan/share, with a price of 1650 million yuan to acquire 100% equity of harmonious core light (Yiwu) Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. At the same time, Huacan optoelectronics plans to raise matching funds of no more than 200million yuan from hexingguang and zhoufuyun at a non-public offering of 6.95 yuan/share, and raise funds for the Department of how to repair the full spring testing machine for the raising and investment projects of the target company, involving the high-precision single-chip gyroscope project and the uncooled infrared imaging sensor project

Huacan optoelectronics announced that the total investment of the "LED single crystal substrate industrialization project" was originally expected to be 594.7581 million yuan, and the originally planned amount of raised funds was 294 million yuan. The company originally planned to build the project in Yuxi City, Yunnan Province by its subsidiary sapphire technology, and changed it to the construction of the "LED epitaxial chip and sapphire material project" implemented in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province

the company plans to invest 200 million yuan in the construction of machinery and equipment related to sapphire substrate processing in the "LED single crystal substrate industrialization project" in Sufu Road, Yiwu Industrial Park, Zhejiang Province, and the main body of the construction will be carried out by bluecrystal Technology (Yiwu) Co., Ltd., a newly established wholly-owned subsidiary of bluecrystal technology in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province (hereinafter referred to as "bluecrystal Yiwu")

MuLinSen Co., Ltd. announced that the company plans to sign the "LED lighting project investment agreement of MuLinSen Co., Ltd." with the Management Committee of Zhejiang Yiwu Industrial Park

according to the agreement, the company will build a production base of LED lighting products at the location of the Management Committee of Yiwu Industrial Park, and rely on advanced technology to achieve LED product research and development, mass production and sales. Various horizontal promotion types: mainly popular in European countries, with a total planned investment of 5.5 billion yuan. After the project is fully completed and put into operation, it is expected to achieve an annual operating revenue of more than 10 billion yuan

Ruifeng optoelectronics invested 2billion yuan in the LED expansion and new energy project in Yiwu Industrial Park. The project covers an area of 198 mu, which is constructed in two phases and five years. It mainly builds a production and manufacturing base for LED packaging and testing and domestic advanced new energy projects. The project is expected to have an annual sales revenue of more than 4billion yuan after it reaches the production capacity in 2021

next, Yiwu will continue to attract supporting enterprises and further improve the LED industry chain; Extend upward, introduce and cultivate high-quality projects in the third generation semiconductor industry; At the same time, investment promotion will be carried out around leading integrated circuit enterprises

market is the gold lettered signboard of Yiwu. The LED industry under construction is another new business card that Yiwu strives to build. The securities times learned that the goal of the light source technology town is to cultivate led whole industry chain clusters with international influence and competitiveness. We will strive to build Yiwu Industrial Park into an industrial cluster with an annual output value of 100billion yuan through several years of efforts, and make Yiwu Industrial Park a domestic led industrial center

in just one year, Yiwu's LED industry has achieved "nothing out of nothing", and the objects introduced are led listed companies. Aiming at the Yiwu Industrial Park of listed companies, we may as well wait and see how the industrial target of 100 billion yuan will affect the capital market

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