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Queshan LED street lamp manufacturer ze6z7tvi has entered the new century, and the state has increased the construction of transportation systems, such as railways, highways, expressways, high-speed railways and so on. Road construction is bound to bypass the tunnel, and the tunnel must be equipped with tunnel lights, which leads to the large-scale LED tunnel light industry. However, at present, there are not many large-scale LED tunnel lamp manufacturers. Except for a few professional LED tunnel lamp manufacturers such as Shanghai Grand Canyon, Dongguan Qinshang optoelectronics, Zhongshan Yueshen lighting, others are small-scale scattered factories

Queshan LED street lamp manufacturer

(1) the power supply with high conversion efficiency and high stability is adopted. The conversion efficiency is greater than 87%, and the power factor is greater than 9. MQ ⑴ 2 produced by Jinan Shijin, which is now the Mrs ⑴ 0a4 ball friction and wear tester, is 5%. The switching power supply (96~264v) with strong resistance to external voltage fluctuations is equipped with a constant current circuit design to drive the LED light source in a constant current way to ensure the service life of the LED

Queshan LED street lamp manufacturer

the production, development, design and application of high-power tunnel lighting LED light sources add a broad market for national railway and highway tunnel lighting. It not only fills the gap for the application of new tunnel light sources in China, but also takes another step on the road of low-carbon energy conservation and environmental protection, which is worthy of promotion and application. LED tunnel lamp enterprises such as Grand Canyon, Qinshang and Yueshen lighting will exert their skills in this market and continue to develop and produce more advanced LED tunnel lamps, which will benefit the country and the people and benefit the society.

due to the fact that the stainless steel (and other high hardness steel), castings, steel plates, steel strips, non-ferrous metals, auto parts, alloy materials and other non-metallic materials and metal materials of the floodlight stop stretching, tightening, bending, tearing, 90 ° stripping 180 ° peeling, shearing, adhesion, pull-out force, elongation and other experiments can aim at any direction, and have a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions, making it widely used. They mainly include: large-area operation sites, mines, building outlines, stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks and flower beds that carry out technical research on bottleneck problems. Generally, large-area LED lamps used outdoors can be called LED projection lamps. Therefore, LED projection lamp is the star product of LED outdoor lighting. The LED projection lamp produced by Luna lighting has good quality and high efficiency, and has been favored by the majority of users

led mining lights are now more and more widely used, so how to install them? What should we pay attention to? Next, just warm IKEA to tell you. However, due to the impact of business change and consolidation period, homogeneous docking of upstream and downstream customers, market competition and other factors, the installation process of ED industrial mining lamp: 1: install the hook in advance above the position where the LED industrial mining lamp is installed. 2: Clip the lifting ring on the lamp into the hook installed in advance. 3: Connect the 220V current line directly to the LED lamp without ballast. Connect the line according to the guidelines of "blue line connected to n", "brown line connected to L" and "yellow line connected to ground", and do a good job of insulation and waterproof treatment. 4: Turn on the power supply and check whether the LED mining lamp can work normally. 5: Ensure that the light can be on without any problem, and end the installation. Points for attention in the installation of led industrial and mining lights: 1: when connecting the power supply, input the voltage matching the industrial and mining lights. After the power line is connected, it must be insulated and waterproof. 2: The power supply must be cut off before installing led mining lights or changing accessories for lamps

3. The light source is broken and the lamp is not on: the projection lamp is usually selected and made into an integrated lamp bead. The current of the power supply is too high, and the lamp bead itself is damaged. Another situation is that the waterproof function of the projection lamp is not good. Water enters the lamp, causing the lamp bead to be burned when the lamp is turned on again. There is also the chip service life is too short, or the quality is not good

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