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LED outdoor lighting has a broad market prospect. How to solve the industry problems

building a smart city and promoting green lighting can achieve sustainable urban development. In recent years, driven by the government, the LED outdoor lighting industry has gained greater development space, especially in the field of road lighting and landscape lighting. After years of exploration and development, LED outdoor lighting has achieved continuous technological innovation and breakthroughs in the application process, and the level has been continuously improved. It has completed the qualitative accumulation, the price has decreased, and the market has continued to grow steadily. According to the statistics of OFweek Industrial Research Institute, China's LED outdoor lighting market reached 86billion yuan in 2017, with a year-on-year increase of 24.5%

with the world's major cities fully promoting the smart city plan, the construction of smart cities is expected to further accelerate in the future. Therefore, as an important part of smart cities, LED outdoor lighting will usher in a rapid development stage

lighting projects have developed rapidly, and smart street lamps have become a new trend.

cities attach importance to lighting projects, and night travel economy has become a city business card. During the G20 summit in Hangzhou, landscape lighting won world acclaim. LED outdoor landscape lighting can form a unique feature and style of a city, which can attract tourists and drive economic growth. At present, local governments are actively concerned about the development of urban landscape lighting, and continue to launch landscape lighting engineering transformation projects, which has brought more opportunities for LED lighting enterprises

osram landscape application case: Hangzhou G20 summit landscape lighting

with the surge of smart city construction, the market prospect of smart street lamps with a wide range of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) medical grade particle product lines is infinite. According to OFweek semiconductor lighting, smart street lamps can automatically adjust brightness according to traffic flow, remote lighting control, fault active alarm, lamp cable theft prevention, remote meter reading and other functions, which can greatly save power resources, improve public lighting management level, and save maintenance costs. It can be seen that the smart street lamp system can improve the energy utilization rate of the city, bring practical benefits to the city, and have an immediate effect. It can also use lighting equipment to capture more urban road and spatial information, and get through the data of "heaven and earth"

led smart street lights can create a three-dimensional, hierarchical and other comfortable atmosphere and environment, which is conducive to people's physical and mental health. The technical core of smart street lamp is realized through intelligent control system on the one hand; On the other hand, it is the quality control and technological innovation of the light source. Under the condition that the volume and quality of the light source remain unchanged, it can implement the realization of relevant intelligent functions and adjust through the belt pulley;. With the development of the Belt and Road, PPP, urban night tourism economy, characteristic towns, infrastructure construction, etc., the LED outdoor lighting industry will usher in a blowout development

major enterprises compete to layout

in view of the broad market prospect of LED outdoor lighting, many powerful enterprises have participated in it. As LED display enterprises, alto electronics, lyade and Zhouming technology entered the field of LED outdoor lighting through mergers and acquisitions, and achieved good results, which had a positive impact on the company's performance

as a listed engineering lighting enterprise, mingjiahui has benefited from the national infrastructure investment and cultural tourism policies. The urban engineering lighting engineering market has grown rapidly, and it has seized the opportunity to develop rapidly. In the first half of 2018, mingjiahui achieved an operating income of 653 million yuan, an increase of 158.3%

in addition to Alto electronics, lyade, Zhouming technology, mingjiahui and other enterprises, OSRAM also accelerated the layout of landscape lighting. At present, OSRAM has provided urban lighting system solutions for Wuhan two rivers and four banks, Shanghai center, Suzhou central, Yanqi lake, Yunnan Dali, Guiyang Shuanglong new area, Fenghua, etc. At the same time, OSRAM will take advantage of the 1 project, which will cover the engineering of low-density graphene based nanocomposite foam, take advantage of the technological advantages of enterprises, support the upgrading of urban street lamps, make China's street lamp lighting more energy-saving and intelligent, make it more convenient for users' municipal management, and make contributions to the sustainable development of fully ensuring the reliability and stability of hydraulic systems in China

although major enterprises compete for layout, the current market competition in the lighting engineering industry is still fierce. Therefore, the major LED outdoor landscape lighting enterprises should remain vigilant, constantly seeking innovation and change, in order to seize the opportunity in the new round of market competition

outdoor lighting needs to improve user experience

due to the huge potential of LED lighting market, domestic and foreign manufacturers are competing to enter, and homogeneous products emerge in endlessly, resulting in uneven product quality and unstable performance, which has become a puzzle point of the current LED industry pattern. Considering the maintenance difficulty of outdoor products, construction labor cost and relatively harsh service conditions, outdoor LED professional lamps must pay more attention to the quality and reliability of products

led lamp quality is directly related to users' experience and confidence in LED lamp products, and also has a great relationship with the large-scale application and promotion of LED products in the future. OFweek semiconductor lighting believes that only with advanced light source technology, high-quality structural design and reasonable light distribution can we create truly professional and reliable LED outdoor products

on the orderly and benign development path of LED outdoor lighting industry, enterprises need to solve the problems of light source quality, optical design, after-sales service and so on. In order to solve these industrial problems, OSRAM will hold a seminar on "OSRAM outdoor and industrial high-power LED devices" on December 4, 2018. This seminar mainly focuses on the development trend of outdoor lighting applications, introduces the latest LED products and technical solutions of OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductor in the field of outdoor lighting, and introduces in detail the product advantages of OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductor LED for outdoor lighting applications

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