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LED lighting industry is large but not strong, enterprises need to pay attention to technology and talents

] China has been monopolized by foreign countries in high-tech core technology, especially in LED lighting industry. After years of development, China's LED industry has achieved good results, and the scale of the industry continues to grow. But the key core technology is still lacking, which will restrict the development of China's LED industry

led industry is big but not strong

big but not strong has always been a synonym for foreign countries to China. Indeed, once China was relatively backward in economy, science and technology. However, after years of efforts, earth shaking changes have taken place in China, and its role on the world stage is becoming more and more important

China's position in the world has gradually improved, and various industries have also developed rapidly. At present, China has become the LED lighting production base in the world. According to the data of OFweek Industrial Research Institute, the global LED lighting market output value reached 530billion yuan in 2017, of which the LED lighting output value in Chinese Mainland reached 300billion yuan, accounting for more than 55% of the world. It is expected that China's LED lighting market in the waste plastic modified plastic material receiving industry in the next few years is still expected to maintain a market growth of about 15%

the output value scale and growth trend of China's LED lighting market in E

although the overall scale of China's LED industry is large, Chinese enterprises are characterized by small scale and large number. OFweek semiconductor lighting believes that with the continuous reshuffle of the LED market, a number of low-quality and low-cost enterprises will be eliminated in the LED market, so that B. requirements for fixture materials: enterprises with capital strength and brand awareness will become bigger and stronger, leading Chinese enterprises to occupy a share in the global LED market. For example, OPP lighting is becoming more and more international, has a wider vision, and has created its own brand

enterprises need to strengthen the construction of core technology

at present, most Chinese enterprises lack their own core technology, and most of them are using it, which is particularly common in downstream application enterprises. OFweek semiconductor lighting believes that even midstream and downstream enterprises with relatively low requirements for LED technology must understand the mechanism of LED and launch products suitable for the market through continuous innovation and improvement of product quality and details according to market changes. Only by grasping the essence of lighting, directly hitting the pain points of users and daring to make breakthroughs and innovations, can enterprises become the winners of *

Chinese led brands have great prospects for development in the future, but at present, Chinese enterprises still need to make efforts in innovation, design and internationalization. OFweek semiconductor lighting believes that the real core technology cannot be bought by the market or money, and must be developed by itself. Only by continuously improving the scientific and technological innovation ability and improving the innovation efficiency in the era of mobile Internet, can led enterprises enrich and complete the industrial system, so as to enhance the comprehensive competitive strength of enterprises

therefore, in the fierce and complex global market competition, Chinese led enterprises should aim at the field of innovative industries, move towards the goal of cultivating and forming real independent innovation capabilities, and truly establish their own national brands on this stage

at present, the domestic LED market shows that the technology has been mature and relevant products have been standardized. On the surface, the market tends to mature, and a large number of practical companies flock to the market. It seems that there is no need for innovation, but peixiaoming, CTO of Ruifeng optoelectronics, believes that this is not the situation that the LED industry should have. In the long run, it will be detrimental to the development of the entire LED industry

Pei Xiaoming said in an interview with OFweek semiconductor lighting: at present, LED products, especially spray and detergent lighting products, most of their light source forms are actually substitutes and imitations of traditional lamps, and many of the characteristics of LED itself have not been brought into play. This is not what led should be. He believes that five years later, LED will no longer be the current model, but will be presented in another revolutionary and innovative form. But at present, domestic enterprises lack such patience and calm spirit to study what led lighting should be in the future. At present, the domestic talent training at the field management and process level is relatively mature, but the most lacking is the talent who can think about the future of LED from the perspective of industry development and conduct in-depth research from the mechanism level

Professor Li Shiwei of Hong Kong University of science and technology told OFweek semiconductor lighting that there is a large lack of technical talents in the current optoelectronic industry, and colleges and universities should pay attention to letting students apply what they have learned in cultivating talents. Now many students lose their studies and forget their exams, which has something to do with the disconnection between schools and industries

colleges and enterprises cooperate to realize the combination of production and research. HKUST advocates professors to participate in industrial projects, such as cooperation with Huawei, Zhouming technology, Ruifeng optoelectronics and other enterprises. On the one hand, the sample material can be divided into metal and non-metal to provide support for enterprises. On the other hand, it also uses enterprises to enhance students' understanding of industry, so that students can quickly integrate into the enterprise echelon after graduation. In terms of Professor recruitment, they are also more inclined to hire professors with several years of industry experience. Such professors, whether teaching at ordinary times or guiding students, can transfer some relevant knowledge in the industry, which is beneficial to student training and industrial development. Of course, the school also has high-end teams, whose goal is scientific research. For the Institute of technology, they pay more attention to the application of learning

Professor Li Shiwei concluded: in the field of pure scientific research, we need very specific and profound professional accumulation, which belongs to the people who create knowledge and are at the top of the pyramid. But this can only be a small number of people, a small number of extremely intelligent and highly gifted people. The proportion of people at the middle and lower levels of the pyramid is much higher than that at the top. What they need to do is to transfer and apply knowledge. For these people, after mastering basic professional knowledge, they should develop in a broad and problem-solving direction

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