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Led spherical display screen rental - a new favorite of the LED display screen rental market

with the improvement of LED display system technology, the effect of LED display screen in stage background and special effects has been more and more valued and used by editors and directors. With the 200 Ashland also starting from the role of a comprehensive solution provider, the super large-scale LED display special effect application for major activities such as the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, the Shanghai WorldExpo in 2010, the Shenzhen Universiade in 2011, and the Spring Festival Gala in 2011, the shocking effect of large scenes and large pictures makes the actors and audience on and off the stage integrate into one, making the audience immersive

at the same time, it also drives the LED display manufacturers to have the idea that they can't control the display screen rental business without a PC, which greatly stimulates the LED display screen rental market. Traditional LED display leasing includes indoor LED display leasing, outdoor LED display leasing, etc. Indoor LED display screen rental is generally used as an exhibition to enhance the atmosphere. It is basically an indoor Flat LED display screen. Outdoor LED display leasing is used as stage leasing performance services, and most of them are conventional flat LED displays, indoor LED displays, outdoor LED displays, etc. There are few special-shaped LED displays. At present, the models of rental led balls for use include: 1 meter diameter led ball screen, 1.2 meter diameter led ball screen, 2.5 meter diameter led ball screen, etc

led note: assuming that the waste of the calibrated display and dynamometer will not pollute the environment, the spherical display leasing as a performance service has the following advantages when the display difference is larger:

1. Live broadcast, super large and clear live game pictures, breaking the seat restrictions, making it easier to watch the performance from a distance and giving people an immersive audio-visual feast

2. Wonderful scenes, slow motion playback, close-up shots, and the creation of special background environment bring the artistic conception of the performance into full play

3. Lifelike pictures and shocking music are perfectly combined to create a magnificent and modern scene

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