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Changsha industry rushed to "double half" in the second quarter

it was learned from Changsha industry and Information Technology Commission that in March, the growth rate of gross output value and added value of large-scale industries in our city rose by 2.3 percentage points and 1.1 percentage points respectively month on month, and the gradual warming trend became more obvious. Among them, with the resumption of national key projects and the commencement of new projects, the market demand for engineering machinery industry was stronger; The food and electronic information industry grew rapidly; In the material industry, Jingge aluminum, Ruixiang new material, Shanshan new material and other production and marketing are booming; In particular, the industrial projects of leading enterprises such as lansys technology, Weisheng electronics, Sany Heavy Industry and Bosch automobile are progressing smoothly, and the production situation is booming. Changsha industry is constantly consolidating the "stable" foundation. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the confidence of "progress", strengthen the guidance of "good", maintain the trend of "increase", spare no effort to compete for the second quarter, and take the lead in the sprint to "double half"

affected by the tightening of macro-economy, the increase of enterprise operating costs and other factors, the overall industrial growth rate of Changsha slowed down in the first quarter of this year, especially in January and February, but the foundation of economic growth has not been shaken and the driving force of development has not been weakened. Despite many difficulties, Changsha enterprises have shown a strong sense of independent growth in the process of operation. Yesterday's interview saw that in the production workshops of Sany Heavy Industry, Bosch automobile and other enterprises in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, production lines were busy, and workers were busy everywhere in the workshops; In the major industrial parks of Liuyang economic development zone and Xingsha supporting Park, there are hot construction scenes of industrial projects everywhere. Tower cranes stand in a forest to preheat the machines for 20 to 30 minutes, the machine rumbles, welding spatter, and vehicles shuttle. GAC Fiat passenger car production line has been put into trial operation, and Sumitomo rubber phase I will be put into production in July

Zhao yuesi, secretary and director of the Municipal Commission of industry and information technology, said that the difficulties this year are far less serious than those in 2008 and 2009. Changsha industry is focusing on projects to reduce the vibration and noise in the operation of machinery and equipment and means of transportation (such as trains, cars, aircraft and ships) and expand the total amount of investment; Optimize the investment structure with the goal of transformation; Focus on output and improve investment efficiency; Focus on intensification and build investment vehicles. Grasping the opportunity to promote the active adjustment of industrial structure is the key to achieve rapid industrial growth. Since the financial crisis, Changsha industry has continued to strengthen its construction machinery, leading enterprises such as Zoomlion and sany have gone abroad; In addition, the automobile is equipped with a wide variety of experimental accessories, and the industry continues to implement. Projects such as Fiat, Mitsubishi and BYD are about to reach production; The food industry continues to expand, and advantageous enterprises such as Jiajia and Wangwang start up and expand again and again; The new material industry has experienced qualitative changes due to its accumulated resources, and energy storage, photovoltaic and residential materials have seized the opportunity to comprehensively improve; The transformation of electronic information industry from traditional electronic display tubes to high-end touch screens; All these are the strong guarantee and source of confidence to overcome the current difficulties and realize the industrial take-off of Changsha again

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