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Industry winter a well-known secondary factory in Jiangsu has a one month holiday

release date: Source: China good packaging

2020 may be the worst year for the printing and packaging industry in recent years. A few days ago, insiders revealed that a large secondary factory in Jiangsu was affected by the epidemic, and its business capacity was seriously reduced. Now it was unable to support the company's daily expenses. After research, it was decided that it would take a one month holiday from August 12

during the holiday, employees' wages are paid with minimum living security according to relevant national laws and regulations (80% of the local minimum wage stipulated by the state). Please go to work on time after the holiday and keep the electricity unblocked at any time during the holiday

in case of special circumstances or voluntary resignation, you can apply for relevant procedures on the same day, and all wages can be settled on the same day. Those who have submitted the resignation application and whose probation period has not expired should go through the resignation procedures in the administration and personnel department before August 12 and settle all wages during their employment

for colleagues who are willing to work in other factories of the group, please come to the administration and personnel department to register and go through relevant procedures. The company will choose according to the principle of person post adaptation, and the labor contracts of the selected retained employees will continue to be performed

with the long-term exploration and research of scientific researchers, although many enterprises have stopped production and had holidays in the first half of the year, it is still full of mixed feelings to see enterprises in the industry make holiday decisions again at this time. It is conceivable that if the epidemic does not occur, this enterprise may be expanding its strength according to the established goal at this time. Now, when the deformation in the diameter direction of the cross-sectional area of the pipe sample is 3.0% of the inner diameter of the pipe sample, it can only temporarily shelve production for survival

it is obvious that the arrival of the epidemic superimposes many factors such as the industry off-season and overcapacity, and printing and packaging enterprises are generally in a difficult situation. Even though the development of eco-environmental materials and green production technology of many listed printing and packaging giants has attracted increasing attention, the performance in the first half of this year is not very good, and the revenue and profit have declined significantly

now it is the middle of August, and another half month is September. I hope that with the arrival of the fourth quarter, the printing and packaging enterprises that have worked hard for more than half a year can have a good market and recover to their proper level as soon as possible! At the same time, I hope you can cherish the enterprises that operate normally and pay wages on time. After all, it is not easy for everyone now

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