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Industrial IOT industry "foam" is too large, how to seize the high point

in the recent 2017 two sessions, Premier Li Keqiang proposed in the government work report to further implement "made in China 2025", accelerate the application of big data, cloud computing, IOT, and promote the transformation of traditional industrial production, management, and marketing models with new technologies, new formats, and new models. We should take the development of intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of attack, promote the construction of national intelligent manufacturing demonstration zones and manufacturing innovation centers, deepen the implementation of special projects for strengthening the industrial base and major equipment, vigorously develop advanced manufacturing, and promote manufacturing in China to move towards the medium and high end

despite the challenges, smart IOT still insists on organizing Internet technology experts on the road of intelligent manufacturing to promote the research on strategic and basic issues of industrial interconnection, carry out platform management and construction with industrial manufacturing enterprises around key areas such as industrial interconnection network architecture and identification analysis and verification, and strive to promote the implementation of industrial IOT projects

how to change the mode to promote the development of industrial IOT enterprises at this stage

1. The combination of personalized needs of enterprises and flexible manufacturing

the traditional business model is the sales relationship. Enterprises purchase products and equipment, teach them to use, and even complete the task. In the face of intelligent manufacturing, simply learning to use it has not yet brought into full play. Just like our brain, most people only use the left brain and idle the right brain. The right brain is the source of creativity and has a huge storage capacity. How to improve or reflect the value of IOT solutions

among them, the high-quality project is an application of intelligent IOT that meets the high reliability needs of the industry. The so-called high-quality products are a series of products and services with strong professionalism, technicality, flexibility, security and other personalized needs for enterprises, including the ability to analyze, control and independently develop the underlying industrial system, so as to achieve the precise scheduling, precise maintenance, precise management and production of production equipment. Its stratolaunch aircraft was towed outdoors for the first time

2. The improvement of the soft power of enterprises

in the era of industrial IOT, based on the foundation of informatization and industrialization, IOT 9 Until the sample is broken or meets the introduction conditions, the hardware coupling is realized. To give full play to the maximum effect of IOT, enterprises also need to improve their own software strength. Hardware infrastructure adapters can collect equipment operation data and survival data on the production site in real time; Through data mining and analysis of platform software cloud platform, it provides the basis for managers to make equipment management decisions

3. The coordination of talent supply and demand matching between upstream and downstream enterprises

IOT is a long-term process, and industrial IOT is even more difficult to deeply mine and understand. In addition to providing product business among enterprises, it also needs to expand the industrial value chain. Collaborative interconnection realizes the accurate docking and matching of enterprise services by keeping data consistent and synchronized

intelligent IOT has specially prepared a complete training system for this purpose, including aprus hardware programming training, fidis use training, fidis use training, fault detection, etc., to help cooperative enterprises improve work efficiency as soon as possible and make up for technical defects and problems

the understanding of most enterprise training courses mainly focuses on taking classes and learning professional knowledge, striving to be a famous teacher and a gorgeous scene, but from a period of time, there is no due performance. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct performance evaluation after training, from the training of operation decomposition action, to the change of consciousness, and the training of action matching, so as to form an efficient and reproducible system that can simply realize the three closed-loop control sheets of force, deformation and displacement, and issue training certificates to the members who have completed the evaluation

for enterprises, product training not only includes product concept, management and sharing, but also provides solutions for the delivery, evaluation and management of enterprise projects; For individuals, it is to provide a sharing platform for people in the industry to create knowledge, learn and exchange

in the next few years, almost all products are facing interconnection. The fierce competitive environment puts forward higher requirements for the development of IOT enterprises. Intelligent manufacturing is not only the core of the new round of industrial revolution, but also has become a consensus. IOT will continue to provide professional personalized and comprehensive services according to the needs of customers, truly drive the level of digitalization and intelligence of the industry, and is bound to become the leader in the IOT market

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