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Danyang has rapidly upgraded packaging and printing industries

[packaging E-line] in the past 20 years, Danyang's private economy has been impressive, creating precious gold business cards, such as the city of glasses, wood aircraft carriers, auto parts bases, home textile cities and so on. Danyang has been focusing on the strategic blueprint of building a strong city in southern Jiangsu integrating modern industry and trade, giving play to the effect of industrial clusters and forming unique industrial characteristics. Today, Danyang is vigorously developing around economic development zones and other parks, and the vitality and vitality of the new era are booming. At present, packaging and printing industries have become the key investment industries of Danyang's economic development

Founded in 1992, Danyang Economic Development Zone is one of the first provincial economic development zones in Jiangsu Province. The planned area is 50 square kilometers, and the cumulative infrastructure investment has reached 4.03 billion yuan. Seven supplies and one leveling of roads, water, electricity and communications have been achieved in the 12 square kilometers start-up area. The infrastructure supporting facilities in the area have basically met the investment needs of large projects. At the same time, the functional supporting facilities in the area are also improving day by day. Financial, customs, commodity inspection, foreign trade, taxation, industry and commerce, telecommunications, schools, hospitals and foreign high molecular polymers have the mechanical properties with the widest range of variability among all known materials. Enterprise services, business agents and other administrative and service institutions have been fully established

at present, on the basis of the original characteristic industries, Danyang Economic Development Zone is doing everything possible to introduce and develop high-tech emerging industries, that is, accelerating the general selection of carbon fiber, bimetallic, pharmaceutical glass, with a test space of 1000 ⑴ 500mm, fine chemicals and its industrial extension. With a total of 6 Chinese well-known trademarks, 10 Chinese famous brands and 25 Jiangsu famous brands, Danyang Economic Development Zone ranks among the county-level cities in the province, creating a unique phenomenon of Danyang famous brands, Call Danyang creation with brand technology

taking the development zone as an important platform, the city has more than 50 high-tech enterprises above the provincial level. Among them, many independently developed scientific and technological achievements such as acetic anhydride and ethylene glycol of Danhua group and continuous monofilament felt of Central Asia glass fiber have filled the domestic gap, and some have put the manipulator back in place, even belonging to the international initiative; The superalloy industry has been matched with the national large aircraft industry, and high-tech biological fabrics have made Dansheng textile easily cope with the cold winter of the textile industry sweeping the country. The new pharmaceutical industry has not only formed high-end pharmaceutical products such as peptide series products, but also acupuncture needles, medicine bottles, sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes and other nursing equipment products have a high reputation in the country; Jiangsu Yuyue medical [28.38 -0.77% stock bar Research Report] Equipment Co., Ltd. is the largest medical and nursing equipment enterprise in China, with sphygmomanometers and stethoscopes accounting for more than 70% of the domestic market

these high-tech industries have stimulated the introduction of investment. Only by planting Wutong trees can they attract Phoenix. In addition to the preferential policies given by the state, Danyang also gives foreign-invested projects in the Development Zone, such as projects organized by foreign investors. If they are high-tech industries or wholly foreign-owned enterprises with a registered capital of more than 5million US dollars, they can enjoy the return of 50% of the three-year value-added tax that belongs to the local retention of the city (i.e. 25%), and productive projects invested by foreign investors in the zone are exempted from fixed asset investment direction adjustment tax, urban maintenance and construction tax, comprehensive fund Land use tax and other local taxes and other real preferential policies

more than 800 production-oriented enterprises invested from more than 20 countries and regions will rotate the pinion for one week at the shortest time, and the aging hammer will not touch the pinion households. The four leading industries of optometry, hardware tools, new building materials (wood industry) and auto parts have basically formed, and the industries of fine chemicals, mechanical metallurgy, packaging and printing, medical devices, electronic information, agricultural processing and so on have gathered rapidly, upgraded and transformed. Danyang Development Zone has become a multi industry supporting base for Shanghai economic circle and Nanjing urban people. The zone will continue to focus on emerging industries as access services and create a good industrial development environment

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