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On April 3, 2020, industrial Fulian and lingyunguang technology jointly cultivated the new infrastructure of industrial interconnection

the announcement of industrial Fulian showed that the company strategically invested in Beijing lingyunguang technology beating degree tester experimental inspection pouring room Copper Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as lingyunguang Technology), a leading manufacturing service provider in the machine vision industry in the industrial field. Lingyunguang technology had also received financing from the famous private equity fund Dachen

according to the announcement, this financing will be mainly used for the R & D and application of machine vision and industrial artificial intelligence in smart factories. Under the background of comprehensively promoting the new infrastructure, machine implantation of eyes and brains is an important infrastructure towards the era of industry 4.0 and industrial interconnection. Industrial rich link will drive the deep strategic cooperation between the two sides through strategic investment in lingyunguang technology, Promote both sides to jointly realize the landing of machine vision and artificial intelligence in the lighthouse factory in the future and the research and development of cutting-edge technologies. At the same time, it also further improves the products, technologies and ecosystems of 5g, big data center, artificial intelligence, industrial interconnection and other new infrastructure fields in the sustainable development of industrial Fulian

in recent years, this technology has been widely used in industrial automation and intellectualization. It is an important part of advanced manufacturing industry to carry out non-contact detection and measurement, improve machining accuracy, find product defects, and carry out automatic analysis and decision-making. In the high-tech industry in developed countries in Europe and the United States, machine vision systems are widely used to replace manual work in almost every production line for production, processing and quality identification. In recent years, the application of machine vision has just started in China, and it has great market potential in the field of 3C and display manufacturing. At the same time, because machine vision technology integrates optics, electronics, machinery and artificial intelligence technology, it is technically difficult and has high barriers to market access

public information shows that Lingyun optical technology is a high-tech enterprise in the field of optical image and machine vision. It has served industrial artificial intelligence, scientific image, aerospace and optical fiber communication for nearly 20 years. Through continuous service to leading panel enterprises at home and abroad, it has established the most complete knowledge map in the field of advanced manufacturing production processes and processes, and is a leading enterprise in machine vision in China. The AOI testing equipment originally developed by the company for service display, electronic manufacturing and printing industries has achieved many firsts in the industry. The supertrain series products developed by the company are the first display screen visual quality inspection products that exceed the limit of human eyes in China. Visionware, the first machine vision algorithm platform in China after 15 years of accumulation, visionbox electronic product visual alignment/inspection system and other products have been fully applied to leading enterprises in 3C manufacturing, panel production and other fields

at the same time, the company has many AI technology and Application Patents Based on pattern recognition and deep learning, including high-speed and high-precision dual engine image algorithm, fully autonomous precision automatic detection machine technology, internationally leading 60million pixel CMOS chip and independent camera R & D and production and other core technologies, which can effectively help industrial enterprises realize automation, and also widely use production and detection in finished product inspection and single-1 material index testing, And achieve substantial improvement in production quality, production efficiency and operating costs

Mr. Yao Yi, chairman of lingyunguang technology, believes that lingyunguang technology can jointly create more industry-leading intelligent production process solutions and digital quality solutions with Foxconn. The two sides complement each other's advantages and jointly build a lighthouse 1 Elasticity coefficient is the definition of Young's modulus of elasticity: the ratio of normal stress component to normal strain in the same phase, factory and enabling intelligent manufacturing

zhenghongmeng, CEO of industrial Fulian, also said that industrial AI can help manufacturing enterprises tap data value, bring manufacturing system improvement, improve quality, increase efficiency, reduce cost and reduce inventory, and enhance everywhere! Core competitiveness. After this investment, industrial Fulian and lingyunguang technology have carried out in-depth cooperation to jointly promote the joint tackling and upgrading of key core technologies, provide strong support for the intelligent transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises with the momentum of new infrastructure, and promote the leap from China's manufacturing power to a manufacturing power

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