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PE market quotation weakened, PP market price remained stable

the rise in U.S. crude oil inventory pressured crude oil futures, and linear futures opened low and remained volatile. The offer enthusiasm of merchants in the PE USD market has decreased, and some prices have slightly weakened. Downstream enquiries are difficult to improve, and the transaction atmosphere is still low. The quotation of LLDPE is USD/T, that of HDPE is USD/T, and that of LDPE is USD/T

the price of crude oil fell sharply, and the plastic futures rose slightly after the low opening. The market trend of flame retardants used in plastics, rubber and textiles is to require the use of halogen-free flame retardants to achieve light low smoke characteristics. In the PP US dollar market, there are few sellers who offer goods, and their enthusiasm for shipment is average. The mainstream quotation in the market remained stable. In order to focus on every instant service opportunity, the buyer's inquiry was relatively cold, and the firm offer transaction was unheard of. The market price of homopolymerization is USD/ton, and the market price of copolymerization is USD/ton

ps some offers in the US dollar market fell by about US $5/ton, and the offers through benzene sources were relatively few. Formosa chemical reported US $1605/ton for 5250 and US $1830/ton for 8250. Sinopec Thailand quoted us $1605/ton for 150 and US $1810/ton for 650. 425tv reported 1805 dollars/ton

in the face of the still depressed market demand, petrochemicals is even more embarrassed and unable to continue to increase, and the inventory continues to increase slowly, which is already at a high level. It is normal for the market to adjust when the positive factors are exhausted. In terms of positive news, the easing of the European debt crisis and the successive interest rate cuts in Brazil and India all boosted the market. On the 18th, the central bank issued a "reserve requirement reduction" signal, which triggered the market's loose expectations, which was also a great good thing to support the market. However, in comparison, the recent negative factors are stronger than the positive news market, and the market may face greater downward pressure. After the end of this week, the market trading atmosphere will gradually become active. From the feedback received so far, it is unlikely to continue to increase. It is expected that the short-term market price will continue to be weak. If there is no more positive, the downward probability is high

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