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PE market shipments were stable, PP market remained strong

the US employment data was good, and the US dollar index weakened, pushing the international crude oil price to continue to rebound slightly. Driven by the market conditions of the two sessions, the domestic market rebounded sharply, driving LLDPE futures to open higher and close higher by 2.6%. The PE USD market was boosted by the sharp rise of futures, and the confidence was strengthened. The seller's shipment became stable and was not eager to seek a deal. The market offer has not changed much. I haven't heard of any goods. 3D printing has been fully reflected again. The source continues to reduce prices. The market inquiry has not changed much. Although the market has stabilized, buyers still lack enthusiasm for the future market. Therefore, the overall market remains on the sidelines, and the trading volume is relatively light

will be favored by more and more businesses. The number of unemployed people in the U.S. job market has decreased, the dollar index has weakened, and the price of crude oil has risen slightly. After the propylene monomer stabilized, it fell by US $10 to US $1265/ton yesterday. After the low-level consolidation of linear futures, the PP US dollar market was basically stable, and there were few low prices in the market, all of which were stabilized at about US $1420/ton. The quotation range of the merchants for the bonded goods source is relatively large, at USD/ton. The buyer's counter-offer is mostly below the quotation level, and the seller's shipping intention is not high. Today's sharp rise in futures has also driven a small number of buyers to make inquiries into the market, but the transaction situation has not improved significantly

the upward trend of futures timely stabilizes market confidence, but the current market support is not much. The low-level transaction in the RMB market is acceptable, but the high-level transaction is still slow. After more than two consecutive weeks of decline, the US dollar market may enter the consolidation stage next week, waiting for good news to find a firm offer. If there is no sustained positive boost, the market price in the short term will still be dominated by the weak disk, which can be divided into powder, spherical, flaky, columnar, needle and fibrous fillers according to its shape

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