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PE market is sluggish and difficult to change PP market is slightly chaotic

the dawn of breaking the political impasse in Greece is emerging, the crisis in the euro zone is alleviated, combined with the decline in the number of unemployed people in the United States, the continuous decline of international oil prices has ended. The domestic market remained depressed and passed the durability test (the maximum temperature of the engine oil in the test reached 150 ℃), LLDPE fell below the 10000 yuan mark at the opening, opened low and went low, with a closing decline of nearly 1.4%. The market trend of PE dollars has not changed much. Most of the merchants' shipments are based on firm offers, and the quotations of some varieties have declined. Due to the lack of market confidence, there are many bears in the future market. It is difficult to make a firm offer and the trading atmosphere is light. After the mainstream market quotation fell below the key point, some buyers' bottom hunting mentality was faint, and the low-cost transaction was heard to have increased. The quotation of LLDPE is USD/T, that of HDPE film material is USD/T, and that of LDPE is USD/T

the market gradually digested the bad news for many days. Yesterday, with the improvement of US unemployment data and the easing of Greek deadlock, crude oil futures reversed the decline. Crude oil stopped the decline, but single and linear futures still fell sharply, continuing to suppress the trading atmosphere in the spot market. PP the US dollar market is surging. Under the cover of pessimism, the price is also declining. It is reported that low prices are constantly emerging in the East China market, and there are occasional goods prepared by downstream factories, prompting a small amount of goods to be traded. At present, the market is somewhat chaotic. Do you know the performance characteristics of the rear digital display electronic tensile testing machine and the usual protection of the equipment? Next, our technicians will introduce the impact on physical properties such as strength, density, modulus and service life. It is difficult to judge the market, so some businesses also consider the cost and choose to wait and see. The market price of homopolymerization is USD/ton, and the market price of copolymerization is USD/ton

ps USD market offer rose slightly by 10 The clearance between the force measuring piston and the force measuring cylinder is about $5/ton. Formosa chemical 5250 is reported at US $1575/ton, and 8250 is reported at US $1760/ton. Sinopec Thailand reported $1585/ton for 150 and $1765/ton for 650, which was a shortage. 425tv reported 1780 dollars/ton

after a cold wind blew, the market price also fell. Due to the limitation of cost and profit, the quotation of merchants may stabilize, and the horizontal adjustment is waiting for the inquiry of the downstream firm. It is expected that if the economy turns a little better next week, the possibility of market stabilization will increase, and the market will enter the shock stage to test the demand

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