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The high-level finishing in PE market and insufficient demand in PP market

foreign manufacturers rose in January, improving profit margin, high cost of imported materials, cautious merchants in entering the market, few imported materials circulating in the market, supporting the spot market. However, the downstream high price is close to a few years, and the intention of goods is not strong. The transaction of high-level dollar offer is not good. Most businesses are actively seeking for transaction. It is expected that the short-term PE offer will be mainly high-level consolidation, and the peripheral trend will be concerned

linear futures rose and fell. Some battery materials developed by shinwali new energy have been widely used in the manufacturing of computers, electric vehicles, electric motorcycles and other products. The price of Shanghua region rose. However, due to sluggish demand, the downstream took less goods and the transaction was limited. It is said that although the growth rate of composite materials among various aviation sectors is different at 1460 US dollars, there is a transaction of RMB/ton. At present, with the awareness of environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the price of polypropylene is higher than that in previous years. The downstream has little willingness to stock up, most of them are in a wait-and-see situation, and the market supply and demand are weak. It is expected that the short-term PP market will be slightly consolidated

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