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PE market quotation fluctuated and PP trading was cold

crude oil strengthened under the boost of economic data in the past few days. Unexpectedly, Saudi Arabia proposed to increase oil supply in the later period. The atmosphere in the crude oil futures market turned pessimistic and the price fell. After the downward trend of linear futures, the trend today turned into a narrow range. The trading atmosphere in the PE US dollar market continued to be flat, and most offers were stable. This week's linear price was slightly weaker than that of last week, and the high supply of goods hindered the transaction of the market. The prices of low-pressure and high-pressure varieties have stabilized, with a small number of transactions. In the latter ten days of the year, the foreign merchant's shipping quotation for the next month will be launched soon, and the merchants will pay special attention to it. The quotation of LLDPE is USD/T, that of HDPE film material is USD/T, and that of LDPE is USD/T

worries about the interruption of oil supply subsided, and the international oil price fell sharply. However, it remains at a high level of US $105, and the monomer price is also high, so the pressure on Petrochemical costs has not been reduced. The domestic futures market fluctuated frequently with the stock market, and failed to guide the spot market. PP the USD market atmosphere has not changed much. Although the trading volume is relatively light, the merchants have strong confidence in the future market and the offer is firm. Buyers are cautious in covering positions, and have not heard much about firm offer transactions. The homopolymer market price is USD/T, which makes the equipment unable to work normally. The homopolymer market price is USD/T

ps US dollar market atmosphere is general, and the offer is relatively small. Formosa 5250 is quoted at US $1585/ton, and 825 is quoted at US $1830/ton according to the plan; Sinopec Thailand reported USD 1600/ton for 150 and USD 1815/ton for 650

abs dollar market fluctuates in a narrow range, there is a certain gap between the buyer and the seller, and the transaction is weak. The inventory of middlemen is normal, and the demand of end users is poor

there are not many recent guiding messages. Most of the merchants are waiting for the offer of foreign petrochemical companies in April, and the shipment intention is not high. According to the foreign investors' feedback on the poor oil return of the buffer and some of the prices quoted in advance, petrochemicals intends to continue to push up prices, which is also one of the reasons to support businesses to be optimistic about the future market. The common price support of domestic and foreign petrochemicals will form a strong support for the market trend, and the market is more bullish. Some foreign investors in Southeast Asia and the Middle East have already quoted prices, which are higher than the market level, making it difficult to conclude transactions. It is expected that there will be little change in the market tomorrow. Businesses should follow the market and control their positions

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