The most popular PE market quotation is firm, and

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PE market quotation is firm, PP market price is higher

today (January 5), the domestic stone, which is also the closing spring experimental machine for spacecraft to perform tasks in deep space, is the equipment for detecting spring quality, and the keying continues to rise. PE outer disk dollar offers most high-level horizontal disks, and the low-pressure membrane continues to rise. At present, the mainstream quotation of low-pressure membrane is 147, providing enterprises with production efficiency of more than US $0/ton, and the mainstream linear quotation is more than US $1450/ton, Some were as high as 1480 US dollars/ton, but the market inquiry performance was flat and the transaction was average. The recovery of the domestic economy has boosted the market mentality. In addition, the supply pressure is prominent, and the linear/low-pressure film/wire drawing is in short supply. Due to the large profit space in the European market, the manufacturers in the Middle East turn to Europe, and it is expected that there is still some room for the short-term foreign exchange dollar to rise

after the festival, the market was very active, and domestic petrochemicals rose sharply, boosting the US dollar market. Today, the quotation of PP merchants went up, and the mainstream quotation of wire drawing was USD/T. as the downstream was still in the wait-and-see stage after the festival, the market transaction was not ideal. At present, the crude oil is consolidated at a high level, the monomer is rising continuously, the cost support is solid, and most businesses are optimistic about the future market. It is expected that the market will be strong and volatile in the short term

note: (1) oil filling: open the rear door, lift the oil tank cover and fill the oil tank with appropriate mechanical oil to the oil level Due to the temperature change, the oil used is slightly different. Now the specification of the oil is as follows: when the ambient temperature is 15 ± 5 ℃, gb443 (8) 4n68 mechanical oil is used When the ambient temperature is 25 ± 5 ℃, gb443 (8) 4n100 machine oil shall be used The reprinted contents are indicated with the source. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with their views or confirm the authenticity of their contents

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