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PE films are also mixed. Unscrupulous manufacturers unexpectedly use non food grade raw materials

after extensive media reports, the Beijing Municipal Food Safety Office announced yesterday that it would take measures to completely prohibit the sale and use of PVC food films containing DEHA or vinyl chloride monomer content exceeding the standard. Jinan has a history of manufacturing experimental machines for several 10 years, All other food preservative films on the market must also indicate the actual material and scope of application. Many supermarkets in Guangzhou have also said that they will replace the PVC fresh-keeping film they have been using as soon as possible. Some media reported that Japanese and Korean PVC fresh-keeping film manufacturers have stopped production for rectification, but many manufacturers denied this claim. At the same time, some PE food preservation film manufacturers admit that their product specifications can not meet the requirements of supermarkets, and it is estimated that they can not replace PVC film manufacturers at once. It is worth noting that experts pointed out that even PE fresh-keeping film has mixed quality. It is suggested that the state should carry out special inspection on PE fresh-keeping film as soon as possible to improve the healthy development of e-commerce, industrial interconnection and interconnected finance

in some large and small supermarkets, the price difference of "PE" fresh-keeping film is also large. The price of a roll of 30 meter long PE fresh-keeping film ranges from 3.9 yuan to 11 yuan. Dongjinshi, deputy director of China Packaging Resources Comprehensive Utilization Committee, disclosed to that even PE fresh-keeping film has a mixed quality. The PE food preservative film standard formulated in 1989 in China has been relatively sound, but some manufacturers ignore the national standard. "Some manufacturers, in consideration of cost, substitute food grade PE film with industrial grade PE film or agricultural grade PE film to produce fresh-keeping film, or add various plasticizers to improve the viscosity and the classification of the universal rubber testing machine." Dongjinshi suggested that the state should carry out special inspection on PE fresh-keeping film as soon as possible

source: Yangzi Evening News

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