Five mistakes in decoration should not be touched

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Decoration is a quite complicated process. Many decoration owners are caught in some decoration mistakes, so they regret it. Today, Xiaobian summed up the pain of thousands of netizens' Decoration - five misunderstandings of decoration. You should have a good look at the decoration, but don't repeat the mistakes

decoration myth 1: arbitrarily dismantle and modify the load-bearing wall

in order to change the space separation of the original room, some owners arbitrarily pierce holes in the load-bearing wall, dismantle the walls connecting the balcony doors and windows, and some even directly dismantle the load-bearing wall, making the ring beam into a load-bearing component of the house, seriously damaging the overall stiffness of the house. The consequences are cracking and deformation in light cases and structural collapse in heavy cases, affecting the safety of buildings

decoration Myth 2: arbitrarily change the functional space

arbitrarily change the functional space of the house, which is easy to cause safety accidents. For example, changing the kitchen into a bedroom is extremely dangerous, because once the gas leaks, the consequences are unimaginable. In addition, it is also not advisable to change the outer balcony into a kitchen or bedroom, because the bearing capacity of the outer balcony floor is generally not large, and changing into a kitchen or bedroom will increase the stress on the balcony floor, which is likely to cause the balcony floor to break and fall off

decoration mistake 3: a large number of flammable decoration materials are used

in the decoration, a large number of flammable and non fireproof decoration materials are used. Such as wood floor, wood skirt, wood ceiling, plastic products, wallpaper, wall cloth, carpet, etc. when these materials are involved in the fire, they will contribute to the spread and expansion of the fire, causing life safety and property losses

decoration myth 4: despise waterproof engineering

waterproof engineering is a very important home decoration project, which is generally handed over to bricklayers for construction. Before the formal laying of bricks, the walls and floors of bathroom and kitchen need to be waterproof. It is believed that the waterproof layer made by the developer has passed the acceptance, and there is no need to make waterproof at home decoration; The quality of waterproof materials used is poor; It is a common mistake to waterproof only some key areas. The waterproof project is not done well. Once it leaks, the furniture and walls will be mildewed, and the decoration will be damaged and the neighborhood will be alienated

decoration myth 5: tiles are paved without gaps

when laying tiles, many people hope to achieve the effect of small gaps. However, the thermal expansion and cold contraction of ceramic tiles require that joints must be left in the paving of ceramic tiles. If the gap is too small, the strain capacity of the tiles to the environment will become poor. Due to the change of temperature, the tiles will be crushed and the normal service life of the tiles will be reduced

the above are the five misconceptions of decoration summarized by Xiaobian for you. I hope that decoration owners must pay attention to these points when decorating and pretend to be satisfied




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