Be careful that floor accessories become a killer

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The poor choice of accessories and accessories of the floor may also bring health hazards

uncertainty of quotation method the quotation method commonly used now is linear rice quotation, which is an irregular quotation method in the early development stage of the cabinet industry. Now there are many kinds of material specifications used in cabinet production, and different combinations make the cost of products vary widely. In order to accurately calculate, standardized quotation must be adopted in order to avoid the uncertainty of quotation

hang "sheep's head" to sell "dog meat"

some so-called imported furniture are actually domestic goods. Some "foreign brand" furniture is a "license" for entrusted processing after domestic enterprises register abroad, and a large number of "imported furniture" were born in this way

unreliable regular "discount" promotion

"discount" is a commonly used promotional means by merchants, which is relative to the normal sales price. Some manufacturers have been taking discounts as a way of sales, which will lose the significance of discounts

promises fly all over the sky

some companies have made cabinets for less than five years, and they put forward "five-year warranty and lifelong maintenance". Excessive promises mean no promises

the transparency of the material is not high, and the fake is confused with the real

some defective manufacturers use melamine board as refractory board, spray paint as baking paint, and domestic products as imported products. When delivering, we must verify whether it is consistent with the samples and publicity

blindly advocating imported products

at present, China's excellent cabinet enterprises have introduced foreign equipment and designers, which are the same equipment, process and accessories as those in Europe and the United States, and the products are almost the same as the international quality




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