Understand the installation method of copper water

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The weakest link of the water supply pipe is the interface. Pay attention to the water supply pipe of galvanized steel pipe commonly used in the past. The corrosion at the interface is always particularly serious. As the Shanghai Municipal Construction Commission issued the regulations on banning galvanized pipes for water supply pipes in residential construction,

trap 1: the charge is opaque. By comparison, the total price of unit pricing is calculated according to the standard unit price of each cabinet and accessories used in the customized whole set of cabinets, so that consumers can know the price of each unit cabinet or even each handle and drawer, although the sum of the prices of each component seems complex, But its price list is clear, and consumers can easily compare the cost performance of products

however, due to the lack of corresponding charging standards, there is little transparency in the quotation of linear meters. Within 1 linear meter, there can be two cabinets, or only one cabinet can be made, and the prices of cabinets are different due to different materials, processes and prices. There is a lot of randomness in the quotation. Businesses can say that they can report as they want, but many consumers don't understand it

trap 2: the quotation fluctuates greatly

the diversity design of cabinets determines the uncertainty of the linear rice price of each cabinet, thus determining the fluctuation of the linear rice price. 1. There can be two cabinets or only one cabinet in the linear meter. When there is no mass production, the cabinet materials of each manufacturer are different, so each cabinet has a corresponding price, but there is no charging standard, resulting in a relatively large floating space for cabinet quotation

at home and Jiamei Shilihe store, the reporter saw that a cabinet with 980 yuan/linear meter of a certain brand, a sink is about 0.8 meters long, but consumers still have to pay by multiplying the unit price of 980 yuan by 0.8 meters. In other words, this sink, which is actually a simple combination of several materials, costs consumers nearly 780 yuan, while the quotation of sink cabinets with the same material and size by unit only costs about 300 yuan, with a price difference of hundreds of yuan

trap 3: consumption bottomless hole

cabinets are designed according to the actual situation and the needs of consumers, so there are several internal structure division forms and functional configurations of cabinets. The quotation of linear meters is easy to understand and simple to calculate on the surface, but when consumers order their products, they find that if the original design scheme of cabinets is adjusted, and accessories are added or changed, the manufacturers will accumulate a lot of supplementary payment lists




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