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Since the beginning of this year, the price of sanitary ware has generally increased, among which the price rise of leading enterprises is the largest, while the price rise of ceramics, another main material of decoration, has also been "rising" recently, and the decoration cost of consumers has gradually increased - the cost has risen, and the price of sanitary ware has also risen. It is reported that since this year, the price of sanitary ware has generally increased, of which the price increase of leading enterprises is the largest, while the price increase of ceramics, another main material of decoration, has been constantly "rising" recently, and the decoration cost of consumers has gradually increased - the cost has risen, and the price of sanitary ware has also risen

the price of sanitary ware products is singing all the way

it is reported that most sanitary ware manufacturers adjust the price of their products from March to early April. A manufacturer asked the dealer to increase the price by 10%. The dealer reduced the sales pressure and chose to digest the price increase of the manufacturer. He only increased the price by 3% or had to choose a store with appropriate rent to reduce the pressure. "Price rise is the general trend, and prices may continue to rise in the future." Toto sanitary ware salesperson said with emotion that the price of their company's products rose five times last year, but the range of each time was not large. It rose again in March this year, and some products rose by dozens of yuan. The products without price rise are basically unsalable products

the salesperson of the bathroom store of other brands said that the price would be adjusted in the near future, but only some products were involved. Clerk Kohler pointed to a bathtub with a price of 13000 yuan and said that the price of this bathtub would rise by 10% and the price would change to 14000 yuan. After the discount, it is about 500 or 600 yuan higher than the current actual selling price. Other brands change their prices by increasing discounts. The salesperson of imperial sanitary ware said that now they are offering a 6.5% discount on the price. Soon, the price will be increased by about 8% and the discount will be increased to 70%

for the reasons for the price rise, people in the industry said that the main reason was that the manufacturers' production costs increased, and dealers were under the pressure of increasing rent and labor costs

the increase of faucet is "faucet"

as the most important part of the bathroom industry, faucet is a small accessory, but its price is not cheap. Some copper faucets often cost thousands of yuan, and some prices are higher than toilets, basins and other large items. The salesperson of a bathroom said that the salesperson of American standard bathroom said that on March 15, they had raised the price of the faucet once, with an average increase of dozens of yuan per model, while the price of the basin did not change much. The salesperson suggested that consumers should buy Bathroom products as soon as possible if appropriate. Similarly, Kohler faucet also has the same trend, with a basic increase of 10% to 15%. The price of faucet of farnsa sanitary ware, a local enterprise, has increased by about 100 yuan. Industry insiders predict that the price of leading enterprises will rise in the coming months, and the specific price adjustment range depends on the manufacturer

according to insiders, in recent years, the prices of copper, nickel, stainless steel and other metal materials have continued to rise, causing the sanitary industry to increase prices almost every year

the price of ceramic tiles will not fall behind.

the prices of first-line ceramic tile brands such as Nobel, Smick and Marco Polo have increased since April. Among them, the price adjustment range of Nobel ceramic tiles is within 10 yuan for a single piece, and the price of the highest single piece has increased by nearly 40 yuan, which is amazing. The price of "Smick" increased by more than 10%. Osheno has also raised its price as early as January, and now the price is still constantly fine-tuning. Although there is no obvious increase in Marco Polo tiles, compared with the 6.5% discount that has been implemented before, the discount has been maintained at about 7%. For the reason of price adjustment, merchants generally said that the main reason was the shortage of raw materials

insiders remind consumers that as the main material with large consumption in home decoration, the cost consumers spend on ceramic tiles is not a fraction, so how to avoid waste and appropriate use has become the key, especially in the current situation of rising ceramic tile prices, if there is a little waste, there will be a lot of extra decoration budget if they are not careful

the rise in fuel oil is the "Mastermind"

in the "short term outlook report on energy" released by the U.S. Department of energy on April 8, it is believed that the average price of light crude oil futures on the international market in New York in 2008 reached $100.61 per barrel, up nearly 40% from $72.32 in 2007. After the rise of fuel oil, the logistics cost of enterprises increased by about 5% to 10% on average, but for building materials, especially some sanitary ware products, the transportation cost increased by far more than 10%, and some as high as 30%. This has a significant impact on those low-end sanitary ware products with relatively low prices. The price rise is not affected by the region. The building materials and sanitary ware markets all over the country are rising, which undoubtedly allows consumers to pay for the rise in the price of international sanitary raw materials





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