Mandatory manual for ceramic tile purchase

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Ceramic tiles are the most waterproof, non slip, easy to clean, diverse in style and rich in color among many decorative materials. Consumption misunderstandings reporters found many consumption misunderstandings in the professional ceramic tile Market: many consumers have too much consideration of price factors, Vulnerable to the temptation of false discounts

ceramic tiles as many decorations "> decorative materials are the most waterproof, non slip, easy to clean, diverse styles, rich colors and other characteristics of ceramic tiles.

consumption misunderstanding

reporters found many consumption misunderstandings in the professional market of ceramic tiles: many consumers think too much about price factors, and are easy to be tempted by false discounts and profits and ignore quality; in terms of ceramic tile specifications, they are blindly greedy. Taking floor tiles as an example, 800mm floor tiles should be the first choice for home decoration, but many consumers 1000mm or even 1200mm is also required. This not only increases the cost, but also wastes seriously, which is really not suitable for promotion

absolute insider

due to the short rise time of ceramic tiles and the insufficient market perfection, fake and inferior products still have a certain living space. In the investigation, the reporter found that the main means of harming consumers in the market are: first, shoddy, using first-class products as high-quality products; 2、 Hide the truth. When looking at the goods, use high-quality brands, and when delivering goods, use low-cost brands with the same specifications and colors; 3、 Selling dog meat with sheep's head, such as the brand made in Guangdong, is actually produced by small factories in the mainland. In view of the above situation, consumers should improve relevant knowledge, master identification methods, and make a few unscrupulous businessmen seamless

shopping strategy

step 1: check whether there are pinholes and spots on the glaze, the texture of the glaze, and whether there is color difference

step 2: check whether the ceramic tile is deformed

step 3: look at the water absorption of the tiles. Use water drops on the back of the tiles. The smaller the diffusion area, the longer the drying time, the lower the water absorption and the better the quality

step 4: listen to the sound and knock the tiles with your hands. The sharper the sound, the better the quality

step 5: weigh the weight. The heavier the weight, the better the texture

step 6: open the box for inspection to see if there is damage. Take a piece of products from different boxes, and then lay them to see if there is color difference and size

step 7: when receiving goods, check the model of the brand to prevent subcontracting




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