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Now people have higher and higher requirements for decoration, especially for the choice of furniture. They will pay more attention to not only choosing products with good appearance, but also choosing environmental protection to meet the requirements. Now let's introduce what kind of wood is good for solid wood furniture

1. What kind of wood is good for solid wood furniture? First of all, when choosing furniture, you should choose according to different needs. The most important thing of solid wood furniture is to see the specific purpose. You don't have to buy all kinds of wood. For example, you can consider choosing oak for the dining table, because the dining table is generally used for eating, so there is no need to choose too expensive wood

2. When choosing a desk or chair, you can consider choosing wood such as Fraxinus mandshurica, because desks and chairs are generally used when studying and working. Relatively speaking, it is better to choose wood that is harder, which is good for your waist and joints

3. When choosing cabinets, you can consider furniture such as teak, because this kind of furniture is strong and durable. The most important thing is that it can well preserve the left and right of items. Teak itself has good corrosion resistance, so this kind of furniture is very suitable for cabinets, and you can consider choosing it

4. Which kind of wood is better for solid wood furniture? Choose furniture such as tea table and flower rack. Then you can consider choosing materials such as elm and poplar. Because some tea sets are usually placed on the dining table to drink tea, it is better to choose this kind of material. The most important thing is that elm and poplar are strong and durable, and their adhesion is also good

5. In addition, some furniture in my family can also consider choosing camphor wood material, because camphor wood itself is moderate in weight and has good flexibility. The most important thing is that this kind of camphor wood has a very fine wooden structure and some aroma, which is not easy to deform when dry, so it is also very good to make a dressing table

6. It is also very important to choose the wood of the bed, because the bed to sleep is related to everyone's health, so we should also find that hardwood bed is the best sleep material according to the research. Generally, we can choose the wood of the bed, walnut. The price of this kind of wood is relatively low, and the expensive wood is mahogany and sandalwood

7. When we choose furniture, we should not blindly pursue the same color. We should know that this kind of solid wood furniture itself is a symbol of grade and health. Solid wood furniture can't be exactly the same, even if it is produced at the same time, the color of the same wood furniture may also have different effects

8. Among solid wood furniture, never buy the so-called board wood combination furniture. Although some businesses publicize that it seems that board wood combination furniture is also solid wood, in fact, a board wood combination furniture is a board furniture, and this kind of furniture also belongs to the category with relatively heavy pollution

summary: I'll introduce the relevant content about which kind of wood is good for solid wood furniture. It's very good to recommend these kinds of important wood above. In fact, it's also very clear above. The functions of different wood are very different, so you must understand them clearly when choosing




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