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Entrepreneurial projects: open a glass craft shop

the scope of glass craft is very wide, such as ordinary glass windows, glass shelves, more advanced advertising light boxes, etched glass, colored glass, etc., all belong to glass craft. Whether compared with the wear of imitation test at home or abroad, there is a great demand for glass crafts in the foreign market. Therefore, it can be used in this industry

[operation steps]

(1) it is very important that the operator must first learn the glass processing technology. Although it is not difficult to learn, it must be mastered

(2) such stores should be set up in large and medium-sized residential areas and home decoration material markets. Secondly, it is also a good choice to set up a store in handicraft culture street. The area should be larger, preferably no less than 15 square meters

(3) when arranging the storefront, pay attention to place the display rack firmly to avoid collision and damage to glass crafts

(4) when purchasing goods, small businesses should mainly focus on popular medium and low-grade glass as the main business varieties

(5) apply for business license and other certificates

[investment evaluation] operation time of glassworkers: May 20, 2015 (2) 3. The art shop does not need much capital. It needs 4000 yuan to purchase electric tools and mechanical equipment, 1500 yuan to rent the shop every month, about 4000 yuan for raw materials, 1000 yuan for other expenses, and 300 yuan to handle legal procedures

[income accounting] there are abundant sources of glass. Aluminum and other supporting metal products for the special rectification of unmanned aerial vehicles are also in sufficient supply, with low price and good quality. The low cost determines that the sales profit of glass products is at a high level, with a general profit margin of about 40% and a higher profit margin of about 50%. At the beginning of opening, the profit may be low, but in the long run, the average monthly income of a 15 square meter glass craft shop should be about 3000 yuan

(1) there are many glass craft shops, so if you want to have good profits, you need to have your own characteristics. As an operator, you lack autonomy in determining varieties, but you can make more innovations in style

(2) when opening glass craft shops, we should try our best to contact decoration companies, construction companies and furniture companies when doing a good job in small wholesale and retail business, and strive to undertake large quantities of glass products processing business

[development prospect] now glass handicrafts are popular, the demand is increasing, and the development prospect is bright. As long as the operators are willing to use their brains and make corresponding cooperation and updates in style and sales strategy, the business will be more and more prosperous. (HC360 business guide channel tips: entrepreneurship is risky, and projects should be carefully compared and investigated)

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