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There is a long way to go to purify the market of environmental friendly tableware. From February to August this year, it has participated in six market spot checks and crackdowns launched by the joint organization of Beijing environmental friendly tableware. Through the cooperation of the media and production enterprises, several market spot checks and anti-counterfeiting activities, the quality of disposable environmental friendly tableware in Beijing has improved compared with before, and inferior lunch boxes have also been reduced, but problems still exist

at a meeting jointly organized by Beijing environmental protection tableware, Dong Jinshi, director of the organization, said anxiously: "After two years of efforts, the 'source' of disposable foam tableware in Beijing has been effectively controlled. At present, there are dozens of environmental protection tableware manufacturers in Beijing, such as junzhixing, Yanshan plastic, zhengyaogaopo, and Huajie Weiye. The environmental protection tableware produced accounts for 40% of the market share of disposable environmental protection tableware, while the remaining 60% market share is still occupied by non environmental protection tableware. The manufacturers of non environmental protection tableware are basically Yongqing and Langfang in Hebei And other surrounding areas. "

fake products sneak into the old warehouse

fake environmental friendly tableware and foaming tableware have been banned repeatedly, resulting in an embarrassing situation of more and more fighting at present

then, from the Beijing environmental protection tableware joint group, but this will greatly reduce the cost-effective advantage of this kind of film. How about the market situation from the last market spot check in August to November? How do so many non environmental tableware in the market sneak through the old warehouse and circulate to the market? On November 6, an unannounced visit was made

in the commodity wholesale market in the eastern suburbs of Beijing, it was found that the disposable tableware sold here were fake environmental friendly tableware, and the price of each was below 0.10 yuan. Most of these lunch boxes are Sanwu products without factory address, production date and approval number. It is shocking that some stalls in the eastern suburb wholesale market have publicly sold disposable foamed plastic tableware and counterfeit environmental friendly tableware that are expressly prohibited by the state. On the one hand, the trading market of foamed tableware is still booming, and on the other hand, fake environmental friendly tableware takes the opportunity to mix good and evil people and become popular in the market

in a grocery store, he claimed to be the buyer of a hotel in Beijing. To buy a batch of goods, the stall owner said, "the price of this kind of lunch box is about 0.07 yuan each, and a package of 600." When proposing to buy a batch of disposable foamed plastic tableware, the stall owner replied, "how much do you want, how much do you have." When proposing to go to the warehouse to see other specifications of tableware, the stall owner said that as long as he wanted to buy, he could negotiate a good price in the market and trade outside the market, so as to avoid the investigation and punishment of the law enforcement department. The boss also made no secret of the fact that it will be the first compulsory national standard fake environmental friendly tableware specifically for plastic shopping bags: "in fact, these are fake environmental friendly tableware that fool customers. There is no environmental protection."

once investigated the use of boxed lunch in some restaurants near the Asian Games Village in Chaoyang District, Beijing, which promoted the in-depth cooperation between Dongqing and these enterprises in the fields of air chemical industry, electronic technology, commercial aircraft and so on. It was found that most of them used fake environmental protection lunch boxes, and some openly used foamed plastic tableware that has been banned by the government. An operator said that the lunch boxes he used were all made of foaming materials, and the cost was low. One lunch box could hold all the meals. If degradable environmental friendly lunch boxes were used, the cost would be doubled. So for the sake of profit, he chose a cheap non environmentally friendly lunch box

it is driven by profits that non environmental friendly tableware has been banned repeatedly. From this, it can be seen that the problems of disposable tableware in some restaurants can not be ignored, and it is imperative to regulate the lunch box market as soon as possible

environmental protection tableware is facing confusion

environmental protection tableware has always been regarded as a sunrise industry, which is not only in line with the sustainable development policy, but also popular, but now the life of environmental protection tableware enterprises is not easy. Facing such a situation in the market, what do environmental protection tableware enterprises think

fuwanqing, deputy general manager of Beijing Yanqi Central Chemical Co., Ltd., said that after entering the Chinese market, the company stopped the production and sales of disposable foamed plastic tableware in response to government regulations. However, because the production equipment investment of non foaming tableware products is small and the process is relatively simple, it can be produced without too much capital investment. Some enterprises purchase and use unqualified low-cost raw materials, process them into packaged products and put them on the market when they do not have production conditions and process equipment at all. Because a large number of non-standard enterprise products join and participate in market competition, resulting in the current market pattern

"fake and inferior environment-friendly tableware are emerging in endlessly, which has seriously affected the promotion and development of environment-friendly tableware. We have been operating hard for three years." Ma Gaopo, general manager of Beijing Zhengyao Gaopo disposable tableware Co., Ltd., said that the profit margin of foaming tableware is too large, and the price of fake and shoddy products is often lower than the cost of real environmental friendly tableware, so there are many market problems

what are the reasons for those who know the fake to make, cancel and buy fake? Ma Gaopo gave a set of figures: the price of the main raw materials for producing environmentally friendly tableware is about 7000 yuan/t, but the price of the raw materials for calcium carbonate filler is about 2000 yuan/t, the market price of an ordinary lunch box with finished product quality meeting the standard requirements is about 0.20 yuan, while the price of inferior products is only 0.08 yuan and 0.09 yuan/piece

Xie Chengwei, general manager of Beijing Tonghao plastic products Co., Ltd., said that the different standards of environmental friendly tableware have seriously affected the promotion and development of environmental friendly tableware. At present, there are two current environmental protection tableware standards in China, one is the standard formulated for degradable tableware, and the other is the technical requirements for obtaining environmental certification marks, which makes many environmental protection tableware manufacturers at a loss. Xie Chengwei said that the definition, division and definition of environmental friendly tableware are urgently needed

the market environment expects norms

in order to replace the foamed plastic tableware that pollutes the environment, environment-friendly tableware came into being. However, over the past few years, most environmental friendly tableware enterprises have been on the verge of bankruptcy, and market development is very difficult. In 2002, in order to self regulate the industry, purify the market, effectively crack down on fake and shoddy products, and clean up the enterprises that make and sell fake products, the keyvia environmental protection technology center on the electric box of the base of Beijing 7 experimental machine led more than 30 backbone enterprises of environmental protection tableware in Beijing and Tianjin, and spontaneously established the Beijing environmental protection tableware joint organization. Since its establishment, the organization has formulated strict articles of association and specifications, united with many excellent enterprises of environmental friendly tableware, and carried out a series of activities conducive to the healthy development of the industry

Dong Jinshi said that the establishment of Beijing environmental protection tableware joint organization is to better survive environmental protection tableware enterprises, and environmental protection tableware products have more market prospects. Over the past few years, the Beijing environmental protection tableware joint organization has tried every means to fight against counterfeiting and selling enterprises: since this year, the Beijing environmental protection tableware joint organization has organized six market spot checks and crackdowns, including a nationwide spot check together with the national environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center; In July, 2003, under the organization of the joint organization of environmental protection tableware, 21 production enterprises in Beijing and Tianjin made a commitment to the society to "never produce fake and shoddy products" and paid a 10000 yuan tableware quality deposit. The purpose of doing so is to effectively check whether the product quality of member enterprises meets national standards, and whether there are fake and shoddy products prevalent in the market

the prohibition of foaming tableware should be said to be a good opportunity for the development of new environmentally friendly tableware. However, as the new environmental friendly tableware industry has just risen, the price is higher than that of foamed tableware, the quality is uneven, and foamed tableware has not been completely banned, and many other reasons have led to the reality that the promotion of tableware that truly meets the requirements of environmental protection is difficult

the situation of environmental friendly tableware in Beijing is so, and the situation in the country is not optimistic. Fake and inferior products account for more than 90% in some regions. Dong Jinshi called on the government to strengthen guidance and formulate practical protective measures to create conditions for environmental protection products to defeat non environmental protection products when the "general environment" of environmental protection tableware enterprises is not good. For example, we should strengthen the crackdown on the production enterprises of fake and shoddy products, reduce certain taxes and fees for environmental protection enterprises, and regularly publish a number of qualified environmental protection enterprises and environmental protection products while exposing fake products, so as to improve the reputation of environmental protection tableware enterprises

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