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Envion company built plastic waste oil making device in the United States

envioninc The company has installed a plastic oiling device near Washington, and has stepped into the plastic recycling industry

Washington based envion launched the device in derwood, Maryland on September 16. This device, called envion oil generator (EOG), can melt most grades of commercial plastic and convert it into a synthetic oil, which can be used to make gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and kerosene

envion chairman and CEO omichaelhan said in a draft that the device provides a revolutionary solution to the problem of plastic waste, transforming it from an environmental hazard to a renewable energy source for sustainable development

Nvion officials said that they hoped to put many eogs into full operation within a few months, and now they have received orders from the United States and overseas countries. According to their estimates, the United States produces 50million tons of plastic waste every year, most of which is transported to landfills

Han expects that one year from now, EOG units will be put into production all over the world, including in the United States

company officials revealed that the construction and installation cost of each device is $7million, and the annual maintenance cost is $200000

the installation built in derwood cost $5million. The plastic waste used comes from Montgomery County, and derwood is under the jurisdiction of the county

Envion said that with its technology, every ton of plastic waste can be converted into four 42 gallon barrels of synthetic oil

company officials said that the energy used to melt plastics includes power driven infrared, so the device does not have to burn petroleum fuels to operate

Han said in the draft that envion has a unique advantage in the utilization of this technology in view of the lack of sustainable plastic waste disposal methods for producing mold materials suitable for thin-wall packaging in Shunde factory

converting plastics into synthetic oil through pyrolysis is not a new method, but it has gradually attracted people's attention in recent years

polyflowcorp., a renewable technology company headquartered in Akron, Ohio, USA The company has begun to commercialize a technology somewhat similar to that used by envion. POLYFLOW has entered into a supply contract with stow City, Ohio, to meet various requirements for components and Hiram college, Hiram, Ohio

polymeabs is a kind of resin with good comprehensive performance of 10 points. Reenergyllc is a joint venture established by northern technologies, a material science company, and the inventor zbigniewtokarz. Now it has installed three pyrolysis units in Asia

most kindergartens in Pennsylvania now advocate a low-cost and high-quality educational environment. Pennsylvania State University in UniversityPark has also developed a method to melt plastic waste into a material that can be used as a coal-burning additive

Josephhensel, CEO of POLYFLOW, said he was greatly encouraged by the success of envion

he said in an interview: the more active this field is, the more everyone can benefit from the development of this technology, and we will find a solution to polymer waste faster

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