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Environmental friendly tableware is struggling, and consumers should fully support

in our daily life, the construction period of the project is expected to be 10 months, "white pollution" is not a new term. The pollution source of "white pollution", in addition to various plastic bags to reduce the discharge of "three wastes", is disposable foamed plastic tableware. People who often use this kind of lunch box may not think that the annual use of disposable tableware in China is more than 10billion

when we are full of wine and food and throw away the used disposable foamed plastic tableware, we will not think that this tableware will bring us convenience, but also produce a variety of "side effects": in the production process, we will consume a large number of foaming agents that are ozone depleting substances, thereby endangering the ozone layer, the protective umbrella of the earth; Under the action of freshly cooked dishes and rice, tableware will produce a variety of harmful substances, which will endanger human health; Disposable foamed plastic tableware, when burned with garbage, produces dioxin, which is a carcinogenic substance. It takes 200 years to degrade when buried in the soil

the harm of disposable foamed plastic tableware is more than that. People who have been to Gezhouba may not ignore the white garbage mountain piled up in front of the dam, including tens of thousands of plastic tableware. These white garbage, such as lunch boxes and plastic bags, flowing downstream from the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, not only hinder the view and spoil the scenery, but also reduce the water level drop and hinder normal power generation; More seriously, white garbage entering the turbine will cause blade abrasion and "lose life" of the power station. In order to eliminate white pollution, Gezhouba hydropower station needs to invest

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