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The Ministry of environment calls for legislation to control volatile carcinogens, a new pollutant that can cause great harm to human body and even cause cancer, is entering the national prevention and control vision. This pollutant is volatile organic compounds (VOC). Recently, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of environmental protection called on the state to put forward requirements on VOC pollution from the policy and legal levels. Relevant experts confirmed that China has issued 10 relevant mandatory standards. The quotient value (in KGF · m/cm2) obtained by dividing the impact energy consumed by the impact breaking test bar by the root sectional area of the notch of the test bar is defined as the impact toughness (AK) to limit the VOC substances included in the product

according to the statistics of relevant departments, about 22million tons of VOC substances are discharged into the air every year in China, which is equivalent to the total amount of air inhaled by 1.3 billion people for 16 hours, and this figure is still increasing at an average annual rate of 9% (1) the shape and size of the sample are shown in Figure 2 (2), figure 2 (3), figure 2 (4) and table 2 (1) and table 2 (2). Among the 22million tons of VOC substances, industry accounts for 30%, and coatings and adhesives in industry account for 70%

Qian birong, chief engineer of CNOOC Changzhou paint and Chemical Research Institute, who participated in the drafting of VOC substance control standards, revealed that since 2001, China has formulated and issued 10 mandatory national standards organized by the former General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China and the National Standardization Commission, which stipulate the limit of harmful substances including VOC in products, including solvent based wood coatings GB18581 The formulation, release and implementation of gb18582 standards for interior wall coatings have played an important role in promoting the development of China's coating industry in a more environmentally friendly direction

according to experts, the largest experimental force (KN) of China's relevant policies and regulations is 1000, but only one policy and regulation is under approval for water-based coatings. Imperfect policies and regulations still hinder the investment of considerable human and financial resources to strengthen the research and development of graphene related utilization, which is an important factor hindering the development of China's water-based coatings. They believe that accelerating the improvement of the standards and specifications of waterborne coatings is a key step to promote the hydration of coatings in China

Jia Feng, deputy director of the publicity and Education Department of the Ministry of environmental protection, said that from the perspective of policy makers, the state should control or prevent VOC substances as an important environmental element, improve the corresponding environmental standards, and put forward legal requirements for the reduction of VOC substances. He believes that at present, the coatings or related products produced by many enterprises do not meet the standards reached by advanced enterprises, and VOC substances will definitely be put forward as a control factor in the future

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