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Joining the WTO is an opportunity for China's paper industry

representative Li Jianhua, chairman of Huatai Co., Ltd., a large paper-making enterprise that once attracted the attention of the industry with an investment of 200million yuan, took advantage of the spring breeze of the two sessions. What I want to know most is not pollution control, but how he will view the prospect of China's accession to the WTO

this is not an easy topic. It is understood that after joining the WTO, there will be more "foreign paper" with high quality and low price competing to "land" in the domestic market, and domestic paper enterprises will face challenges from the system, quality, price, environmental protection and other aspects

in this regard, Li Jianhua said that what WTO brings to China's paper industry is not the end of the mountain, but a bright future. The paper industry is a technology and capital intensive industry, which is automatically preserved: after the end of the experiment, China's accession to the WTO will accelerate and promote the reform of state-owned enterprises and make them move towards marketization faster. After China's entry into WTO, on the one hand, it provides more Chinese paper enterprises with the opportunity to participate in fair competition in the international market, thus breaking the economic pattern of regional division and self-contained system, and gradually forming a national industrial layout of division of labor and cooperation, mutual support and mutual promotion. On the other hand, after China's accession to the WTO, enterprises will participate in competition and continue to develop according to international practices, which will certainly promote and accelerate the transformation of the management mechanism of China's paper enterprises

then, he counted the four advantages of China's paper industry: first, the CPC Central Committee made a series of decisions to implement the strategic adjustment of the state-owned economy and the strategic reorganization of state-owned enterprises, which provided favorable policy conditions for the adjustment of the paper industry; Second, China's paper industry has a large development space, and the huge potential of the consumer market is an important driving force for its sustainable development; Third, the state pays more attention to the development of the paper industry, and will organize the implementation of the special plan for the domestic production of paper machinery in 2000; Fourth, the international paper industry began to rebound periodically, which can provide a more favorable time and space for the structural adjustment of China's paper industry. Li Jianhua is confident about the development of the paper industry after China's entry into WTO

the environmental friendly characteristics of materials such as low carbon, green and renewable recycling have attracted much attention. Statement:

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