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The market potential of environmental protection synthetic paper is huge

China's synthetic paper started late and the market development is not enough. At present, the annual consumption of synthetic paper is 30000-40000 tons, mainly imported. It is basically all PP synthetic paper, which is used for clothing bags, handbags, woven bags, offset printing, silk printing, advertising spray painting, books, printing trademarks, etc., of which the consumption of advertising spray painting accounts for 40%, the consumption of printing trademarks accounts for 15%, woven bags, offset printing Silk printing accounts for 10%, handbags and clothing bags account for 10%, and books account for 5%

with the strengthening of global awareness of environmental protection, PP synthetic paper has a wide application prospect in China. At present, paper in China is mainly produced by plant fibers such as straw pulp and wood pulp. Due to the complex process and the discharge of a large number of pollutants in the production process, the national environmental protection department has shut down tens of thousands of small paper mills in accordance with the law. Due to restrictions on deforestation, the wood pulp required for high-grade coated paper will be imported in the future. China is a big country in paper production, consumption and import in the world

statistical data from the national development and Reform Commission shows that in the past 10 years, China's paper consumption has increased at a double-digit rate every year to implement the advice on strengthening the green development of industry in the Yangtze River economic belt. In 2003, the consumption of paper and paperboard in China was about 48million tons, accounting for 16% of the total global consumption. According to the prediction of China Paper Association, the annual consumption of paper and paperboard in China will reach 70million tons by 2010. Two thirds of the paper demand in China is for packaging materials and one third is for printing. Even if 5% of the printing and packaging paper is replaced by synthetic paper, its demand is very considerable

the production of synthetic paper has just started in China, and only a few domestic enterprises can produce it, with poor quality and instability. Foreign countries have more than 30 friendship tips: if there is an unclear local year history, it has developed rapidly and has good quality. The main manufacturers are: Prince Uber of Japan (striving to form a new material industry of more than 1billion levels Yupo (R)), Formosa Plastics South Asia (Nanya) in Taiwan, China, the United States tran silwrap (pro print (R)), hop syn (R) in Canada, ExxonMobil ExxonMobil (ltthor (R)), Schumann aschul man (paper-t CH (R)) Cosmo (CSP (R)) in India, etc

at present, Jiangyin Ya packaging new materials Co., Ltd., a subsidiary controlled by Jiangsu Shenda New Materials Group Co., Ltd., has introduced a world-class five layer co extrusion BOPP production line with a width of 8.3 meters and an annual production capacity of 30000 tons from Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. of Japan, and has successfully produced PP synthetic paper with the characteristics of five layer co extrusion by taking advantage of its own technical advantages and through arduous research, The product quality has reached the level of similar products at home and abroad, with stable quality and excellent performance. It will make a positive contribution to China's synthetic paper industry and environmental protection

source: China urban and rural finance news

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