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since 2007, small and medium-sized enterprises across the country have faced unprecedented challenges and burdens due to soaring steel prices, diesel shortages, rising wages and other reasons. After years of rapid growth in the Pearl River and Yangtze River deltas, which once dominated for many years, this manufacturing powerhouse has experienced "labor shortage", "power shortage", "oil shortage" in recent years, including land, labor The sharp rise in energy prices, coupled with the chain reaction of RMB appreciation and trade protection in some countries in the international market, has severely hit the enterprises in these regions, and many small and medium-sized enterprises are overwhelmed and have closed down or gone away. The industrial structure of Hongxing company belongs to the machinery industry. Its products are coal and coke testing equipment, highway instrument testing equipment and testing equipment. The main production costs are undoubtedly steel, diesel and labor. Facing such a bad relationship between supply and demand of raw materials, how can it develop healthily in the market? "Be prepared for danger in times of peace, think and change, and change and be flexible" is a good advice. The leaders of the company have jointly studied and investigated this problem for many times in early 2007, and finally put forward a reform plan with the goal of three "updates"

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I. update our ideas and grasp the main melody of development

if we want to become a leader in unpredictable shopping malls, our ideas need to be constantly updated. People who are closed minded, slow to respond, conservative and self-motivated. 2. Change the safety protection common sense of experimental machines will eventually become orphans abandoned by the business community. In order to adapt to the fierce competition in modern society, enterprise leaders need to have flexible and agile adaptability, size up the situation, take a panoramic view of the overall situation, and further improve production efficiency. Hongxing company is mainly manifested in the training and guidance of operators on product quality requirements and post-processing skills and methods, as well as self inspection methods, so that employees can understand product quality requirements, understand self inspection, and reduce the occurrence of product defects; Monitor the appropriate environment, process and parameters; Strengthen the patrol inspection of the production process and deal with problems in a timely manner. Through the effective implementation of these three aspects, the defective rate of products is reduced, the raw material cost of products is effectively reduced, and they are more competitive and durable among the pebbles and crushed stones for construction gb/t14685 (2) 001 products produced in the same industry

Second, update ideas and grasp the main direction of innovation

people should make progress, ideas should go first, and ideas determine the way out. So is the development of the company! The increasingly prominent role of high-tech in profit added value is also an important factor for the smooth progress of the experiment and the accuracy of the experimental results. It plays a very important role in improving its production efficiency and economic benefits, reducing energy consumption and production costs, increasing yield and improving market competitiveness. With the technical support of the China Academy of Building Sciences, Hongxing company has successively launched a number of new high-tech products, such as HXK mouth programmable computer intelligent muffle furnaces, displacement sensors, etc., all of which comply with national standards and have won a good market reputation. High and new technology has greater economic, social and environmental benefits and other development advantages. High and new technology has played an important role in the application of metallurgical machinery. We should grasp the key points, make independent innovation, carry out the research path of high and new product technology to the end, adjust and optimize the industrial structure, strengthen the development of standard patents and intellectual property rights and other technical measures, and pursue international standards, Strive to develop into a leading enterprise with strong competitiveness

Third, update the way to grasp the main means of development

development needs innovation, innovation needs power, and the power needs to be supported by a good corporate culture. Corporate culture is the group consciousness, code of conduct, and the corresponding management thought and management mode formed in the process of business development, which can promote the development of enterprises. The corporate culture of any enterprise is not given by others, but formed and condensed by itself. Corporate culture can not only indirectly create benefits for enterprises, but also directly create wealth for enterprises. In this regard, Hongxing company still has a long way to go and a long way to go if it wants to form a complete corporate culture system. But we have to go, and we have to keep our feet on the ground. Only by changing the concept, making the enterprise culture work inseparable from the enterprise work, imperceptibly, boldly cultivating enterprise leaders, and forming a long-term mechanism, can the enterprise give full play to its own potential

Hongxing company overcomes difficulties and improves production efficiency through the effective implementation of three "renewals". Concentrate on purchasing raw materials, reduce circulation links, and ensure that most products do not rise in price, and a few products rise slightly, with the increase basically controlled between 1% and 5%. The main theme of modern enterprises, that is, the main theme of the company, is to develop scientifically in the direction of efficiency in production, development in science and technology, and driving force in innovation

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