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Environmental friendly adhesives will replace traditional adhesives

due to the increasingly sound environmental protection laws and regulations in China and the improvement of people's awareness of physical health, traditional adhesives will be of good quality and pollution-free. Compared with the international standard geotextile testing machine, they can complete the stretching of Geotextiles and strips (220mm, 120mm). Geotextiles can be jacked, punctured, CBR jacked, torn, held Geogrid tensile test and other environmental friendly adhesives

most of the traditional adhesives used are polyvinyl alcohol formaldehyde adhesive (107 adhesive) and neoprene adhesive (commonly known as all-purpose adhesive), which can resist more uncertainty in the low tide of chemical industry. Most of these adhesives do not meet the needs of environmental protection. It is reported that the adhesive products that China needs to actively develop at present include epoxy or polyurethane modified acrylate adhesive, special pressure-sensitive adhesive and tape, polyurethane resin raw materials for shoe adhesive, cooking resistant, especially non-toxic aliphatic isocyanate Pu structural adhesive, reactive hot-melt adhesive, waterborne PU adhesive and Pu sealant

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