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Analysis of barriers to entry of China's nylon engineering and technical service industry in 2014

1. Technical barriers

nylon engineering and technical service industry is not only to provide customers with product technical solutions, but also to provide customers with comprehensive services such as process design, main process equipment and supporting equipment selection, engineering design, etc. according to the needs of flexible packaging film. At this stage, there are few technical experience and process parameters that are open and can be used for reference in the industry, and most of them rely on the independent technology research and development of companies and the summary and optimization of engineering practice. Most of the technology in this field belongs to the proprietary technology of each company, and there are few enterprises in the industry that can comprehensively master the key technology and have a high level; At the same time, to have the ability to provide overall engineering technology solutions for large-scale polymerization and spinning projects, we also need more advanced technology and rich engineering practice experience. Therefore, for new entrants, there are high technical barriers in this industry

2. Engineering performance barrier

nylon engineering projects have a large investment scale. Generally, the total investment of new nylon polymerization or spinning projects is more than 100 million yuan; And the nylon engineering project involves multi-disciplinary knowledge and engineering expertise. As it is related to the success or failure of the project investment, nylon production enterprises are more cautious in Choosing Engineering Technology Service Providers, especially focusing on the successful cases of engineering service providers. Therefore, whether they have successful project operation experience and industry reputation has become the most important basis for nylon manufacturers to choose engineering services, and China will take the development of China Mongolia relations as the priority direction of foreign policy. For enterprises newly entering the nylon engineering technology service industry, if they do not have practical experience in multiple engineering projects, it will be difficult to win the trust of customers and obtain project orders

3. Talent barrier

this industry covers many disciplines and engineering expertise, involving knowledge of textile engineering, polymer materials, structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, building structures, engineering computing technology, machinery, electricity and other aspects. With the application of high-speed spinning, large capacity and flexible spinning technology, the demand for high-quality design and development and technical service personnel is increasingly urgent, which constitutes a talent barrier in the industry

4. Main process non-standard equipment design and manufacturing barriers

with the development of nylon production towards high-capacity polymerization and high-speed spinning, production equipment should also meet the requirements of continuous production, high-speed, automation and intelligent control. Whether the nylon engineering technology service provider can design or manufacture the main process equipment by itself according to the actual needs of customers, and ensure the progressiveness, quality and supply speed of the equipment will directly affect the project investment of customers in March 2014, nearly 200 years later, as well as the quality and progress of the project, which constitutes a major aspect affecting the competitiveness of engineering technology service enterprises, and is another threshold for entering the industry

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