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China's entry into WTO and the marketing countermeasures of Chinese enterprises at present, the hottest topic about "entry into WTO" is "entry into WTO brings opportunities to an industry", or "entry into WTO brings threats to an industry". The author believes that it is not comprehensive to emphasize only opportunities or threats. The former is easy to ignore possible threats, and the latter is easy to ignore possible opportunities. Therefore, every enterprise should combine its own actual situation, deeply explore environmental opportunities and comprehensively analyze environmental threats. Only in this way can we formulate correct and effective coping strategies

pay attention to the balance between the international market and the domestic market. China's entry into WTO will undoubtedly expand the export space of China's products. Therefore, enterprises with export conditions should seize the opportunity to explore the international market. However, while paying attention to the international market, we must not underestimate the domestic market. Otherwise, once the international market changes and enterprises want to return to the domestic market, it will be difficult to establish a competitive advantage because of the lack of a good channel foundation and customer base. There have been many lessons in this regard. Therefore, enterprises should pay special attention to the balance between the two markets, so as not to lose sight of each other. In addition, we should try our best to implement the market diversification strategy within the international market and domestic market, so as to effectively reduce market risks

increase investment in product development. According to the performance of enterprises in product development, they can be divided into three categories. The first category is innovative enterprises. The second category is improved enterprises. The third category is conservative enterprises. At present, many domestic enterprises belong to the latter two categories. Even those who attach importance to product innovation can analyze the functions and characteristics of this experimental machine. The investment in research and development of enterprises is far lower than that of their counterparts in developed countries, and the average number and speed of product innovation are still relatively backward. After China's entry into WTO, the life cycle of most products in China's domestic market will be synchronized with the international market, and the speed of product renewal will be greatly accelerated. If enterprises do not update equipment in time, do not vigorously develop products, and do not actively purchase patents in order to save money, and just want to imitate others, they will not be able to take the initiative in the market and will be easily eliminated. Therefore, enterprises should establish the awareness of continuous innovation, expand the investment in equipment renewal and product development, and speed up the speed of product renewal, so as to take the initiative in the future market competition

pay close attention to product quality. Quality is the life of products. A good quality image plays a decisive role in winning reputation, occupying the market and increasing profits. In recent years, the overall quality level of our products has improved greatly, but there is still a certain gap compared with the international level. Specifically, first, in the international market, "Chinese products" have not established an overall high-quality image, so they lack the attraction of origin and are difficult to form customer loyalty. Many products can only rely on low prices to promote sales. However, in recent years, this low-cost advantage has been impacted by products from other developing countries. 2、 In the domestic market, due to the low income level of most consumers, low-grade and low-cost products have a certain market, which makes many enterprises tend to produce products with low cost and low quality. However, with the improvement of people's living standards, this demand has begun to decline. At the same time, with the formation of the buyer's market, there are more and more products with high quality and low price. After China's entry into WTO, the price of imported products will drop significantly, and the original price advantage of some domestic products will no longer exist. It can be seen that whether in order to occupy the international market or the domestic market, Chinese enterprises must hold the quality and the cost together, and shape the dual advantages of high quality and low price. Only in this way can they gain a firm foothold in the domestic or international market

strengthen the awareness of "customer first". Customer first is the slogan of enterprises, but not every enterprise can implement it. At present, a considerable number of enterprises in China only consider the immediate interests, but do not consider the long-term interests of customers. They either produce fake and shoddy products, or do advertising that is not worthy of the name, or sell by any means, or promote predatory prices. After China's entry into WTO, the market order of our country will be further standardized, and the rights and interests of consumers will be more protected, so the behavior of harming customers will be more strictly restricted and severely punished; At the same time, high-quality and low-cost products and services will increase unprecedentedly, and enterprises will have less and less room to survive by speculation. Therefore, even enterprises that only sell in China must really care about the interests of customers, learn to develop products, plan channels, and design promotions from the needs and interests of customers. Only in this way can we establish reputation, retain old customers, attract new customers and achieve sustainable development. Tian Zhengyu

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