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"Humanities Trinity" series reports: the growth memory of the post-80s

"humanities Trinity" series reports: the growth memory of the post-80s

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Guide: the first beautiful turn of adolescence in 2003, Wenting won the first prize beautifully. 2003, 16 years old, senior one, is the age of youth, with an increasingly strong sense of independence and self, coupled with blind pride, stiff stubbornness and perseverance in his heart, I suffered a lot, but I finally won

In 2003, Wenting won the first prize beautifully.

in 2003, at the age of 16, senior one, I was at the peak of my youth. I had an increasingly strong sense of independence and self, coupled with my blind pride, stiff stubbornness and perseverance in my heart. I suffered a lot, but I finally won the victory of independence, and from then on, I began a new picture of life

that year, it coincided with the enrollment reform. With a paper signature, I fell into the second middle school of the city, a high school located in the downtown area and notorious for fighting and causing trouble. Looking at those students whose grades are far inferior to their own, they happily stepped into the gate of provincial key points because of the care of fate, and there is no need to say the resentment in their hearts. Shortly after admission, students from provincial key universities came to visit and vividly described the strict management of provincial key universities, clean campuses, and smart, unparalleled and stressful deskmates. The complacency shown in their expressions hurt their proud hearts, so they secretly decided to surpass them far and win back beautifully at all costs

then, he began to seriously formulate the learning plan, review before class and consolidate after class. He often "grabbed" the teacher in the corridor with the exercise book to discuss problems. Two months later, my father cheerfully informed me that after his efforts, I could immediately transfer to the provincial key. In his eyes, there is the only way to become a talent. But I firmly refused my father, and repeatedly promised that I could also let him have a daughter with excellent grades and excellence if I didn't transfer. Father sighed heavily and left dimly. That scene has been deeply imprinted in my mind, making my determination to "far surpass others" stronger

Near the end of the term, the learning atmosphere in the class was surprisingly strong, and everyone worked hard to review overtime. At this time, an unexpected opportunity, I was selected to join the literary society, and I needed to participate in nearly a month of off campus exchanges. At that time, this was an extremely "unprofessional" activity. My father expressed strong opposition when he learned about it. It coincided with the double examination. Looking at the students who competed for the top, my heart also played a retreat drum. However, in the face of the old teacher who formed the society, listening to his impassioned speech and his enthusiasm for developing quality education and cultivating the style of literature, I finally failed to speak. I can only comfort myself proudly in my heart. What about a month? I'm sure they'll do better than those who changed the high-level new material industry

that month, I was very tired and happy. After the exchange activities every day, I stood alone in the corridor, calculating and reviewing by using the searchlight on the roof. The roommates wash, lie down, and sleep. The noise and silence around them gradually fade away, and their thoughts jump with extraordinary liveliness. There is a camphor tree at the edge of the corridor. When the light shines down, look up and see that every leaf is green. I think I will always remember this lovely green, because only they accompany me in such a late night

finally, at the end of that year, I not only completed the off campus communication of the literary society, but also climbed to the first place in the school with high scores in the final exam. Inner satisfaction is far better than joy. That's the first time. I abandoned the axial strain - the direction of the force or the strain coaxial with the direction of the force. The blessing of the lucky god, relying on my own efforts, I won a beautiful return

since then, students have been divided into liberal arts and Sciences, participated in the college entrance examination in the second year of senior high school, selected schools in universities, and graduated from internships. Since then, the EU's requirements for heavy metals in food contact with plastic materials and products have been increased to 9, and they have been added to Sany, all of which are selected by themselves, and then the results will be reported to their parents. When relatives and friends worry about their children, my father always smiles brightly and proudly tells them that my daughter is in charge of herself, and I can't worry about it. (Wenting)

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