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A revolution is emerging in the government consumables procurement market

for a long time, original consumables have been firmly occupying the dominant position in the domestic government consumables procurement market, and the sales have always been stable at more than 90% of the total sales of the whole government consumables procurement market. However, with the change of government consumables purchasing behavior, the traditional government consumables purchasing market is quietly experiencing a revolution

according to the investigation, This revolution began with the notice on matters related to the fixed-point procurement of office supplies and printing consumables of central state organs in 2013 (hereinafter referred to as the notice) issued by the government procurement center of central state organs. The notice clearly stated that general consumables for printing and copying, namely recycled drum cartridges for printing and copying (hereinafter referred to as general consumables), have been officially included in the new central state organ government centralized procurement catalogue (see the notice issued by the State Council for details) [2012] No. 56), which is a compulsory centralized procurement project. When purchasing consumables for printing and copying, all units of the central state organs in Beijing should purchase the winning general consumables from the designated suppliers. When the general consumables cannot meet the demand, they can purchase the original consumables. The introduction of this new regulation has aroused widespread concern and a series of reactions in the consumables government procurement market

the manufacturers of original consumables are the most affected. For a long time, the original consumables manufacturers have basically achieved the monopoly of printing and copying consumables by directly linking the sales of consumables with the after-sales maintenance service of equipment. Users are buying printing and copying equipment, and at the same time, they have also set the printing and copying consumables for the next few years. In order to make the braking safe and reliable, it is for this reason, Many original consumables manufacturers have zero or even negative profits when selling printing and copying equipment, and their profits mainly come from the later consumables sales. After the introduction of the new regulations, the original enterprises account for 11, and some service and profit models are bound to be completely broken. The original consumables factory can add a pad iron under the base plate, and the reviser's monopoly on the government consumables procurement market will no longer exist

for general consumables manufacturers, the introduction of this new regulation is undoubtedly a great benefit. He Liangmei, the chairman of Tianwei Holding Co., Ltd., the world's largest manufacturer of general consumables with a history of 30 years, revealed to him that since the implementation of the new regulations, Tianwei has gradually become the first choice for government agencies to purchase printing and copying consumables with innovative and environmentally friendly product characteristics and mature and stable excellent quality. Its sales volume has reached new highs, and has always maintained a double-digit monthly growth rate, and its market share has also been rising, Many original consumables manufacturers have been left behind. The quality is not inferior to the original consumables at all, and it is more economical and environmental friendly, which is in line with the current national policy guidance of strict economy. This is the main reason why many government agencies give priority to Tianwei general consumables. We have reason to believe that the sales volume of Tianwei general consumables will continue to rise significantly, he Liangmei said with confidence

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