The hottest entry into WTO will bring opportunitie

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Joining the WTO will bring opportunities for foreign paper and pulp industries.

he Dequan, an economist specializing in pulp and paper in Asia, believes that China's entry into the WTO will bring foreign pulp and paper manufacturers a good opportunity to invest in China

China's demand for pulp is still increasing, and when China joins the world trade organization, its tariff and investment regulations will be revised accordingly, which will bring a readjustment opportunity to its pulp and paper industry

at present, there are 6000 papermaking enterprises in China, and most of their annual output in @c startup testing is between 2000 tons and 20000 tons. This level of output is difficult to meet market demand. China's demand for major paper and paperboard categories will increase by 8% to 12% annually in the next five years. Then after joining the WTO, with the further reduction of import tariffs on paper and paper products, the advantages of imported paper will be highlighted, and a quite favorable position can be obtained in the market. It is estimated that from 2000 to 200, "bu6800 super large two plate servo injection molding machine" has been officially put into production for five years, and the actual import dependency will rise from the current 20% to about 25%, while from 2006 to 2010, the import dependency will reach about 30%

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