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I choose Gigabyte h77n

Mini itx motherboard, which can be said to be the first choice to build a high-performance mini home host. Next, we introduce ga-h77n-wifi, a mini itx motherboard based on H77 chip from Gigabyte. The biggest advantage of this H77 motherboard for industrial experiments is that it can support the latest Intel i7, i5 and I3 series processors, and its performance is unmatched by previous old platforms. Because the motherboard can be equipped with high-end core processors, it can meet the needs of most home entertainment audio-visual applications, including game enthusiasts

Gigabyte ga-h77n-wifi motherboard adopts itx size, with a volume of only 17 cm * 17 cm. The color matching of the main board is a luxurious all black design, which adopts Gigabyte's exclusive ultra durable 4 technical specifications. The overall workmanship is excellent, and the materials of circuit components are also very luxurious. Based on H77 chip, the motherboard adopts LGA 1155 interface and supports Intel lga1155 third-generation 22nm and second-generation core processors

in terms of power supply, the motherboard adopts a solid 3+1+1 phase power supply design, selects all solid-state capacitors and high-quality fully enclosed inductors, and uses ultra-low resistance MOS tubes to provide pure and stable current for the CPU core. At the same time, it also effectively ensures the long-term and stable operation of the motherboard

the overall layout of the motherboard is compact, and the component design is scattered and orderly. Reasonable design allows the motherboard to work stably in a narrow environment. In terms of memory, Gigabyte ga-h77n-wifi motherboard provides HP engineers with the ability to test color and voxel level control. It provides two DDR3 memory sockets, supports 1600/1333/1066mhz, and can build dual channels to achieve maximum transmission. In terms of capacity, the motherboard can support up to 16GB, which can fully meet the user's requirements

Gigabyte is equipped with a PCI-E 3.0 x force measuring pointer with a 16 graphics card interface that rotates at a constant speed. For users who have high requirements for game performance, they can choose a half height HTPC dedicated graphics card or even a full-size graphics card according to the host size

storage performance is the most important thing for HTPC users. The mainboard provides users with two SATA2 and two sata3 interfaces. Raid0/1/5/10 is supported. Basically, it can meet the needs of various multimedia users

Another advantage of the motherboard is the built-in WiFi and Bluetooth module. The backplane end of the motherboard also provides a wireless transmission interface to make the signal coverage more powerful

Gigabyte ga-h77n-wifi motherboard i/o is equipped with DVI-D and dual HDMI output interface. In terms of sound effect, it supports 7.1 channel high fidelity audio, and also supports optical fiber output. It can connect high-end decoder to build advanced home video. How can we better ensure work effectiveness. The interfaces on other i/o panels include ps/2 mouse and keyboard interface, 4 x USB 2.0 interface, 2 x USB 3.0 interface, and dual RJ-45 card interface. The interface configuration is very rich


Gigabyte h77n-wifi is positioned as a medium and high-end itx family AV platform. Because the motherboard supports the configuration of medium and high-end core processors, its comprehensive performance has greater advantages. With Intel i7 core processor and Intel hd4000 integrated graphics unit, and even an independent half height graphics card, you can squeeze a powerful game platform into a mini itx chassis. The quotation of the motherboard is 899 yuan. Interested readers can pay attention to it

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