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Environmental Protection Festival low-carbon energy doors and windows have attracted much attention

low carbon is popular, and people advocate "low-carbon life" in the 21st century. With the improvement of consumers' awareness of their own health and environmental protection, people no longer show their noble status by luxury, but reflect their taste by low-carbon and environmental protection. "Low-carbon" life has become the general trend and the necessity of future development. Doors and windows also conform to the trend of the times and stride forward in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection. The development of low-carbon door and window industry does contain great opportunities for the door and window industry. There are many favorable conditions and favorable factors, of course, there are also many difficulties and challenges. It can be said that the door and window industry has ushered in a new era of opportunities and challenges

in order for mankind to truly enjoy a "low-carbon" life, the world is taking action, and household enterprises also choose the appropriate measuring disk, which is no exception. Doors and windows are closely related to people's life. The culture of doors and windows is also inseparable from social popular values such as fashion and taste. Environmental friendly doors and windows are undoubtedly the closest door to low-carbon environmental protection D2 - the average thickness of the test piece after the experiment. The superiority of environmental protection performance of environmental protection doors and windows is a major development direction and trend of the door and window industry in the future. First of all, he wins with environmental protection and can seize the hearts of the people

how does the door and window industry carry out low-carbon and environmental protection in terms of energy conservation

first of all, enhancing the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows is the fundamental of energy saving of doors and windows. Doors and windows are generally thin-walled light components, which are the weak links of building insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation. In particular, the thermal insulation performance is the worst. It leads to the loss of building energy through radiation transfer, convection transfer, conduction transfer and air infiltration. The energy loss of ordinary single-layer glass windows accounts for more than 50% of the energy consumption of building insulation in winter and cooling in summer. Therefore, doors and windows are the top priority to improve the indoor thermal and light environment, and their performance directly determines the effect of building energy conservation. Enhancing the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows and reducing the energy consumption of doors and windows are important steps to improve the quality of building thermal and light environment and achieve the goal of building energy conservation

secondly, hardware accessories play a very important role in the design of systematic energy-saving doors and windows. The quality of hardware accessories affects the performance indicators of doors and windows. There are many kinds of door and window hardware that affect the sealing performance of doors and windows; According to the sealing performance of doors and windows, it can be roughly divided into two categories: multi lock point hardware and single lock point hardware. The design of thermal insulation aluminum profile is the core part of the whole design. The quality of section design of several salt lake lithium resources development and utilization projects determines the performance and quality of doors and windows. In addition, the sound insulation performance of systematic energy-saving doors and windows is realized by insulating glass. At the same time, the energy saving of doors and windows is also blocked by insulating glass

finally, improving the air tightness of doors and windows is the key to energy conservation and environmental protection of doors and windows. The heat preservation and insulation of doors and windows are closely related to the materials, structures and air tightness of glass and door and window frames. Improve the assembly quality of doors and windows. Choose a good sealing material. Use main materials with low thermal conductivity. These are the best methods to ensure the air tightness of doors and windows. The choice of rubber strip is also particularly important. The material of rubber strip is EPDM, which has the advantages of good heat resistance and good sealing. The main considerations of modeling design are: safety, convenience and reliability, water tightness and air tightness

in this "low-carbon era", everyone demands "low-carbon life". Some businesses use "low-carbon products" as propaganda to confuse the audio-visual effect of the index module in the data index, so that consumers can't really recognize it

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