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The development status and future direction of LED plant lighting

the development of science and technology continues to change our way of life and work, and the maturity of plant lighting technology is transforming the traditional farming mode facing the Loess and facing the sky. Under the influence of the fierce competition in the general lighting market and the increasingly prominent environmental protection and health problems, led plant lighting, which was originally dominated by Japanese enterprises, has leapt into a new blue ocean in the market segment, attracting a large number of international giants such as Philips, OSRAM, Yiguang and so on, and many domestic enterprises have also set foot in it

however, it is reported in the industry that the price of artificially cultivated vegetables using LED plant lighting is several times higher than that of traditional vegetables exposed to sunlight, and the early investment is too high and the investment cycle is long, which restricts the large-scale promotion of the market to a certain extent. The voice of "limited development of LED plant lighting market" came out. The author goes deep into the market, understands the current situation of domestic LED plant lighting, objectively analyzes its development prospects, and tries to provide enterprises with the development direction of LED plant lighting in the future

led plant lighting input and output are not balanced

"as long as human beings exist, the market of plant illumination will be as long as they exist; the market of plant illumination will be as large as the scale of human development." Xu Zhigang, a professor at Nanjing Agricultural University who has been focusing on plant lighting research, expressed his confidence in the future development of LED plant lighting in an interview with Aladdin center

at the beginning of this year, various enterprise publicity and media activities on LED plant lighting were overwhelming, with a broad picture of "money": according to the survey, the global LED plant growth lamp output value began to show rapid growth since 2013. Although the output value is only 10 million dollars, it is estimated that it will exceed 35 million dollars in 2014, and it is expected to challenge 300 million dollars in 2017; There are also doubts about the Limited Market: the cost of LED plant lighting lamps and lanterns is difficult to reduce, and it is more government behavior, which has great resistance to enterprise development. In the future, it is only positioned in some high-end consumer markets or personalized applications

price and output status

Mitsubishi Chemical once said in a media interview in 2012 that enterprises' investment in LED plant lighting is about 10 times that of ordinary plant lighting, but the price of such vegetables in the market is 4 times that of ordinary vegetables. It was precisely because the input and output of enterprises for LED plant lighting were not proportional at that time, which deterred a large number of domestic enterprises who coveted this market segment. Today, although the LED plant lighting technology is relatively mature, and the cost price has dropped significantly, it is still "unattainable" for most consumers

how high is its price? How about the output of the application to crops? For this reason, the author interviewed some enterprises and experts in the field of LED plant lighting

from the perspective of the sales price of LED plant lighting products:

times higher than the traditional plant lighting

Yu Haiyuan, the sales manager of federal heavy industry (Sidley) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., said that taking the Federation as an example, the price of 50w~700wled plant lamps is between 220 yuan and 2200 yuan. Compared with high pressure sodium lamps, the price of LED plant lamps is much more expensive. For example, it is also 600W, and the high-pressure sodium lamp plant lamp is 300 yuan, while the LED plant lamp is as high as 2000 yuan. According to the information, the price of LED plant lighting lamps of federal heavy industry is at the lower middle level of similar products. Due to the large production scale of the enterprise, the product cost is reduced accordingly. Shenzhen Sidley Group Co., Ltd. (i.e. federal heavy industries) was the second largest LED plant lighting export enterprise in China in 2015, with a market share of 16%

"there is a price gap, which is misleading. For plant lighting products with the same wattage, the advantage of LED is more obvious." Chen Chen, the business department of Shenzhen Fanke Technology Co., Ltd., stressed. At present, the products of LED plant lamps have been diversified, and the prices of each product are different. Taking Fanke 600wled plant lamps as an example, the price is 4100 yuan/set. Although there is a difference of more than 2000 yuan from the high-pressure sodium lamp plant lamps with the same power, the 600W of LED can be comparable to the high-pressure sodium lamps of kilowatts

Wang Jing of Dongguan bioluminescent Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. also holds the same view, "led plant lamps have outstanding advantages over high-pressure sodium lamps and fluorescent lamps in terms of service life and luminous efficiency, and the spectrum can be customized according to different plant needs to maximize the effective power, so the sex price ratio is higher."

Xu Dong, director of Foshan Haoliang solid light source Research Institute, is more specific from a technical point of view Price comparison of professional plant lighting products: "Theoretically, it should be compared with the price of calculating the radiation power per watt, but based on the fact that most products only mark the power consumption, which can only be calculated with the power consumption. The power consumption is about yuan/watt, and the price of LED is times higher than that of high-pressure sodium lamp and fluorescent lamp. However, this comparison is not scientific, because the concept of plant lighting itself has defects, and we call it 'plant artificial radiation source'."

from the output of LED plant lighting crops:

on the premise of reaching the quantitative scale, the output of crops is slightly higher, and the output price is only oneortwo times higher than that of traditional planting.

Professor Xu Zhigang said that under the controllable environment of LED, the plant growth environment can reach an appropriate level through scientific adjustment, and the output will naturally be higher than that of traditional planting. In terms of crop output price, when LED plant lighting planting reaches a certain scale, such as a plant factory, its crop price is only oneortwo times higher than that of ordinary crops

Xu Dong believes that at present, the planting output of domestic plant factories has not exceeded that of traditional planting, "Calculated according to the planting cycle, the planting cycle of artificial planting environment is 1//4 of that of traditional planting cycle. The output is related to the number of layers of three-dimensional planting, which is usually times that of plane planting. If calculated according to the output per square meter, the output per square meter of Japanese plant factories has exceeded that of traditional planting, which is not achieved in China at present. However, it is unreasonable to compare the output per square meter. We refer to the output value and profit Compared with the standard, the finished product price of planting is 1. 5% higher than that of traditional planting Times (different varieties have differences). "

According to our calculation, the cost of organic vegetables produced by the LED plant factory powered by photovoltaic power is only about 20% higher than that of ordinary organic vegetables on the market With the rapid development of China's photovoltaic industry, the decline in the cost of photovoltaic power generation also makes it possible for LED plant factories to make profits

"light is only a factor in plant growth. According to different places of origin, LED lighting can increase crop production by 10%-30%. Moreover, in terms of seedling cultivation, it can shorten the seedling cultivation cycle and inhibit the excessive growth of seedling period; for the application of lighting, the quality of agricultural products (color, taste, etc.) can be improved." Dongguan biological environment also pays attention to the quality of crops themselves

weizihan, the marketing director of Beijing Zhonghuan Yida Facility Horticulture Technology Co., Ltd., more specifically expounds the principle of the nutritional value of plants under LED lighting: "LED lighting products that promote plant growth not only save 60%~80% energy than ordinary fluorescent lamps, but also add different proportions of green light, yellow light and far-infrared light in addition to red light and blue light in the special formula of light source light quality. Green light protects human eyes, yellow light can increase the chlorophyll and carotene of the object itself to improve the nutritional value of the plant itself, and far-infrared light can increase plant output by 10%~20%."

export oriented, low domestic popularity

overall, although the cost of LED plant lighting has decreased significantly compared with that in 2010, it is still rare to see large-scale application in agricultural planting in China, but enterprises generally say that their sales response abroad is very good. According to the survey, at present, 90% of domestic LED plant lighting lamps are sold to foreign markets, especially in Europe and the United States, while domestic sales are very small

"domestic sales account for about 3%, because domestic consumers can't accept the price of LED plant lighting temporarily. I think it will take at least 5 years for the cost of domestic LED plant lighting to be reduced and popularized in China." Yu Haiyuan of federal heavy industry said bluntly

in this regard, Xu Dong said that most of the domestic LED plant lighting product sales are experimental and promotion demonstration, with few large-scale sales, mainly distributed in the main vegetable producing areas and investment oriented agricultural projects

relatively speaking, the domestic sales situation of Shenzhen Fanke technology is relatively optimistic. "In the early stage, the domestic sales of the company's LED plant lighting accounted for about 40% and the foreign sales accounted for about 60%. It is believed that in the later stage, with the passage of time, the government of Chinese Mainland will give policy support to farming and reading Europe, and the domestic sales will increase sharply; in fact, at present, the major projects of Fanke are mainly concentrated in the domestic market." Pan branch Chen Chen said. The price of LED is indeed a hard wound in the plant lighting industry, especially in the domestic market, but it is only a matter of time. "Was it expensive before? Was television expensive before? The development of every emerging product has to go through a process from high to low."

the "stumbling block" that hinders the development of LED plant lighting

there is no doubt that the high cost of LED plant lighting has become the most fatal factor that hinders its development, which is also a problem that practitioners have been committed to solving. Once the price breaks through, led plant lighting can quickly open up in the domestic market

Haiming, deputy general manager and general supervisor of LED technology of Shenzhen duofuduo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., believes that the price will affect the speed of product promotion in agriculture, so more optimization design and market publicity are needed

"we can't control the cost of raw materials, so the only way is to change the process of production structure, that is, using automatic instruments instead of manual operation, and reducing production costs by saving labor costs. But this is only a plan, and it's still difficult to really realize it. There are relatively few comprehensive talents in optics and agriculture." Yu Haiyuan of federal heavy industry said that it could reduce costs in terms of automated production

The high cost is a factor restricting the development of LED plant lighting, but it is not the only factor...

the one-sided combination of light and plants

Professor Xu Zhigang repeatedly stressed that the development of LED biological lighting industry has always had the problem of "emphasizing LED and neglecting biology". In terms of LED plant lighting, the R & D personnel of light source enterprises lack a deep understanding of plants and their cultivation principles. In practical work, LED is often the main body, rather than plants, and there is no comprehensive consideration from the overall needs of plant cultivation principles; On the other hand, researchers in the field of agriculture lack a profound theoretical understanding of light and light sources, so it is difficult to provide appropriate solutions for the reasonable needs of plants for light and the development and application of light sources from the perspective of light and light sources

under the condition of plant factory, the relationship between LED light source and plant physiological activities, the internal law of LED light source on the formation of plant yield and quality, and the matching relationship between LED light source and other environmental factors all need to be deeply understood and grasped by practitioners

Fang Haiming, from the perspective of plant practicality, "at present, the so-called led plant growth lights on the market are simple red and blue combinations, which can not really promote the growth and flowering of plants under the condition of light. This requires detailed research by relevant research institutions and lighting enterprises, and realize the general led plant lighting for a variety of crops at the same time." Dongguan Sheng

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