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The current situation and future development trend of China's food testing instrument market

food safety testing can effectively find potential problems in food safety, help relevant institutions check food safety, and help food enterprises avoid risks, so as to ensure the reassurance and safe use of consumers. The early Sanlu milk powder and gutter oil, the recent outbreak of food safety turmoil in Taiwan and the Fuxi incident have directly promoted the development of food safety testing industry to a certain extent. It is estimated that the total capacity of China's food testing market should be more than 700 billion, but the current market share is less than one tenth, and there is huge room for development in the future

public data shows that the potential market for analytical instruments in the field of food safety monitoring in China is more than 745billion yuan, and the annual market capacity of testing consumables is more than 50billion yuan. Thanks to the huge demand of the market, China's food rapid detection equipment industry has developed rapidly and become a highlight in the field of food safety. More and more enterprises have been involved in the field of food safety testing

development status: many deficiencies in the exploration stage

the broad market prospect in the field of rapid food safety testing has also attracted a lot of capital to enter this industry. Research data show that the demand for food safety testing instruments in China reached more than 30 billion yuan in 2013, and the growth rate has remained above 30% in recent years

according to the news released by the State Food and Drug Administration and other departments and institutions, the monitoring of food pollutants and harmful factors of 3.175mm steel balls in China will cover all county-level administrative regions in the future, and the number of monitoring points will be expanded to 2870, which is expected to drive the scale of the food testing market to exceed 20billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of more than 50% With the rapid growth of the demand for rapid food safety testing, the food rapid testing equipment industry has shown a mixed growth trend. Industry statistics show that the accuracy rate of most formal quick inspection products on the market is about 70%. In addition, the detection capability and scope of most food rapid detection equipment are limited. At the same time, there is a large gap in the accuracy and effect of various products. If the range of instruments and equipment provides the function of "zeroing" or self revision, there is often a certain gap with the product publicity. In addition to the difficulty in determining the actual detection effect, even if the food detection instrument only integrates four sensors of pH, temperature, oil polarity and salinity, the use cost is not low

in the future, the development of China's food safety testing instrument market will show the following trends:

products will develop in the direction of high efficiency and portability.

the implementation of the food safety law puts forward higher requirements for the safety standard of good food sealing effect. The testing items will include: pathogenic microorganisms in food and food related products, pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, heavy metals Regulations on the limit of pollutants and other substances harmful to human health; Variety, application scope and dosage of food additives; Nutritional requirements of main and auxiliary foods for infants and other specific groups; Hygienic requirements for food; Quality requirements related to food safety, etc

food safety issues, as social issues and livelihood issues, are receiving more and more attention from consumers. The unavoidable reality is that there are still many food additives that have not been effectively tested, and there are no effective detection methods to determine, which also means that new markets need to be broken through. How to improve technology and make food detection instruments small and fine is the key to entering the homes of ordinary people

domestic instruments will gradually replace foreign steel and titanium alloys, with a base of 10; For non-ferrous metals, special steels and foreign-funded products under high temperature, corrosion and other experimental conditions,

at present, foreign-funded enterprises have strong technical strength, mature and stable products, and high brand awareness; However, the product price is high, the maintenance and repair costs are expensive, and there are not many low configuration models to choose from, which is a great burden for domestic equipment purchasers, and is not conducive to the improvement of testing methods of domestic institutions. With the strong breakthrough in the market and industrialization of domestic medium and low-end detection instruments, the cost performance advantage of domestic instruments is bound to accelerate the multi-level detection demand of the market and improve the overall level of domestic food safety detection means

enterprise assets reorganization and merger accelerated

with the acceleration of the localization process of foreign-funded enterprises, some small enterprises that rely on price advantages are seriously threatened. Only through cross regional, cross sectoral and cross industry asset reorganization, can they build flagship enterprises and remain invincible in the competition. There are many food safety instrument production enterprises in China, but they are large but not strong. According to the law of market economy, it is an inevitable trend to accelerate the process of enterprise merger and asset reorganization

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