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The current situation and future development trend of offset combined printing (II)

the combination of offset printing and silk printing is the preferred process for many high-end packaging, especially high-quality cigarette packs. One of the most successful practitioners of this process is Zhejiang Meinong silk printing Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Meinong silk printing Co., Ltd. is a modern large-scale joint venture packaging and printing enterprise, which is mainly engaged in the packaging design and printing of medium and high-end high-quality cigarettes, pharmaceuticals and other products. With silk printing as the main feature, it mainly focuses on high-quality cigarette packs. In addition to a number of full-automatic silk printing machines and semi-automatic silk printing machines, the company is also equipped with Heidelberg four-color offset printing machines and zhenhenry sheet fed gravure printing machines

before configuring the sheet fed gravure press, Zhejiang Meinong adopted the offset + silk printing process. On site printing relies partly on silk printing and partly on offset printing twice; Pearlescent ink and spot color ink are mainly printed by silk printing process. At the same time, different materials use different tensile testing machines, and special finishing effects such as frosting, ice flower, crystal are also achieved by silk printing. The purpose of large-area field printing and pearlescent printing with a silk printing machine is to obtain the thick ink color required by high-quality cigarette packs, and ensure that the ink color is uniform and consistent with fatigue

with the expansion of production scale, considering the efficiency and efficiency, after comparing various printing methods, they believe that gravure printing is better than offset printing in terms of color effect, but it is also easier to control the consistency of ink color, especially when printing spot color. Therefore, they purchased a sheet fed gravure printing machine, which is mainly used for field printing and pearlescent printing

because the cigarette packs they print are generally medium and high-end products, the price is relatively high, and of course, the quality requirements are relatively high, so special finishing effects such as frosting, ice flower, crystal, etc. are still achieved by silk printing at present

in addition to professional silk printing enterprises such as Zhejiang Meinong, many domestic packaging printing plants with offset printing machines are also equipped with silk printing equipment. However, due to different business volumes and process requirements, the number of silk printing equipment may be smaller, the configuration may be lower, and some may even be equipped with some simple silk printing tools. But there is no doubt that the marriage of offset printing and silk printing can create high profits for enterprises, so it is very popular and quickly popularized. Out of the preference for metal texture, people unconsciously use gold and silver when pursuing packaging grade. Therefore, a series of printing and post press processing that produce metal effects, such as anodized hot stamping, gold printing, silver printing, gold scanning, were born. Their main difference is the re operation process

compared with gold and silver printing, the metal texture of gold scanning printing is much stronger, and the gloss is high, and the finishing effect is good. Moreover, due to the relatively small installed amount of gold scanning machine, gold scanning printing products have better anti-counterfeiting effect

compared with anodized hot stamping, the metallic luster of gold scanning products is slightly inferior, but the gold scanning machine can be connected behind the offset press, and the gold scanning processing can be completed online after printing, with high production efficiency and low scrap rate. The delicacy of offset images and the fullness of gold scanning patterns give prints a noble and elegant style. The combination of offset printing and gold scanning technology also gives offset printing a new vitality

in addition to the above combined printing processes, offset printing can also form a variety of process schemes with various printing methods, depending on the needs of packaging prints and the enterprise's own equipment configuration, bringing more highlights to the packaging printing market

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