Analysis of 19 types of common faults of the hotte

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Screen 5055 19 types of common faults analysis (1

fault 1: sudden initialization or initialization but

treatment method:

① it is possible that PSI power supply is against voltage, measure whether the DC voltage of tp-ac and TB6 of Mcon board is within the range of 4..3v, if not, adjust the VRI of PSI board.

② it is possible that the main board is faulty (Mcon board), check each motor and fuse

fault 2: report "machine eror15" error

handling method:

① check the laser head: observe whether there is light in the light path in the dark room (usually) when high DPI (3000, 2400) output, there is only a short light, and then report an error. When low DPI (1000, 2000) can output about A4 images, the light disappears and reports an error. Usually, this situation is caused by laser head failure

② check the star sensor. If there is light in the optical path, an error will be reported. Check whether the "star sensor" sensor is in the wrong position or blocked by dirty things

③ Macon board is broken

fault 3: image distortion

processing method:

① the light of the pentahedral mirror is unstable and jumps

② unstable sheet moving: the parts are not installed in place, and the parts are worn for a long time

③ TIF figure exceeds 100m

fault 4: report "machine error17, 18, 19 or load error" error

handling method:

① check the motor (from to avoid interference with the instrument; t slip guide motor)

② check the "front slack roller position", but because of its function, compare the state of single sensor 1 to observe whether the position is wrong

fault 5: a black line (the direction is horizontal)

treatment method:

① it is caused by dirty rollers. Just wipe the rollers clean

② the ground wire is not good, which is caused by static electricity generated by the roller

③ the working voltage is unstable and there is a large voltage difference jump

④ unstable data transmission (RIP machine memory, scheduling card, hard disk will have an impact)

fault 6: 5055s machine alarm (film jam 5) error

handling method:

① the film supply box turned too far, and the film could not enter. When the film supply box was put in, the machine began to rotate, If you finally hear the sound of "click", the machine must be a card, adjust the position of the aluminum sheet on the right side of the film supply box.

② the film supply box shelf is deformed.

③ the machine is not level

fault 7: 5055 reports "film jam 4" error

handling method:

① the machine is not level

② the film is not good

fault 8: there are white bars in the film direction (relatively soft)


① there are dirty spots in the compensation mirror

② there is dirt at Shuter

fault 9: the machine produces a white piece, re appears and disappears, the words have ghosting, and the image shifts

processing method: take the single wing drop experimental machine as an example, and replace the chip of b9110 on the motherboard

fault 10: display alarm: serial error 11

cause: it should be the communication error between the imagesetter and the printer

treatment method:

① check whether there are problems in the wiring and power supply (ground wire and voltage)

② disconnect the imagesetter from the printer (set DipSW switch 6 on the main control board, and the system will break down the sales order and import it into the internal production process) and try it alone. If an error is still reported, the motherboard is more likely to be damaged

(to be continued)

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