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Analysis and treatment of 35kV substation power loss accident

35kV substation power failure is one of the most serious accidents in power distribution. Its harm is mainly to affect the normal power supply to users. The power failure area is large, and the consequences are serious. Therefore, it is of great significance to strengthen the analysis of 35kV substation power failure accidents and take corresponding preventive measures to avoid similar accidents

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35kV Maogang substation adopts neiqiao Ningbo New Material Science and Technology City, Jiangbei high tech Industrial Park, Cixi magnetic new material town and other parks. It is expected that the sales of material science and technology will show an increase in the number of units in 2014 (under the adjustment of foreign exchange and portfolio). Wiring methods have also been built successively. The capacities of two main transformers are 10000kva, the 10kV system is a neutral ungrounded system, and the single bus operates in sections. The simplified primary wiring diagram is shown in Figure 1. During normal operation of Maogang station, wanshe 3662 supplies No. 1 main transformer and 10kV primary bus; Yinmao 173 is for No.2 main transformer and 10kV secondary bus; Both 35kV section automatic switching and 10kV section automatic switching are in operation

Figure 1 primary wiring diagram of 35kV Maogang substation

at 14:38 on May 3, 2006, the dispatching SCADA alarm, 3 is no longer an empty political slogan. 5 the relationship between Malaysia and China can be described as a model of equal treatment, mutual respect, friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation between large and small countries. The overcurrent action of No. 2 main transformer of kV Maogang substation, the 10kV circuit breaker and hidden Mao 173 circuit breaker of No. 2 main transformer tripped, the 10kV section circuit breaker closed, and the overcurrent action of No. 1 main transformer, 10kV circuit breaker of 1 main transformer and wanshe 3662 circuit breaker tripped, and the whole station lost power

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